The Basketball Diaries, Part III

Yeah, our team won the women's basketball championship. So what's new, right? :P

The All-Stars

Well, how about the fact that I was part of the All-Star game????

O diba? Can you freaking believe that??? I mean, I thought the highlight of my career was my 8 points during the semis game, but noooooooooooooooo.... it was my measly 2 points during the freaking All-Star game!!! Hahahahha.


And, as you can see with the picture above that I can play a mean game of basketball :P Hahahha. Mukhang intense diba? Parang ang daming gustong umagaw ng bola sakin? :P

pepegirls2pepegirls1All the Pepe girls were part of the All-Star game :) Well, except for MJ, who's in Spain right now, and probably reading this too hahahha. Pero I bet if she was here, she'd be posing with us too ;)

And just to prove how, ehem, I've improved my game...


I got to kiss a girl :P *


* No, our lips didn't touch. Optical illusion lang :P Goes with my shirt that says "i kiss girls" noh? hehehehehhe.


  1. tama bang napatalon ako sa seat ko nung nakita ko kissing pic nyo ni abi??? hehe. buti ilusyon lang yan. :)

    naspecial mention ko ung pagka star mo sa joni mitchell entry ko. hehe.

  2. Anonymous1:18 PM

    haha! kami rin napatalon nung nakita namin! pero di talaga nagtouch lips namin or faces! hahaha

    ngayon ko lang nakita yung special mention mo sa blog mo :P hehehe. thanks!