Countdown to Boracay: Limang Tulog Na Lang

Yeah, I changed my mind.

We're still on our way to Boracay and I am trying to resist quivering from head to toe in excitement.

Four days and three nights of sun, sand and sea *kilig*

I really need a freaking break (like more than six months ago pa :P)


And being the excited shopaholic girl that I am, I bought the infinity bikini. In purple :D Woohoo!

I think I've only done three out of the 10 ways I can use the bikini. But the KYCS (as in kicks) site said they thought of 10 more so okay, I think I might need a manual :P

I have to STOP myself from going to Tiendesitas because I think the infinity bikini is cheaper there, and I really want this print. I saw one in Cinderella, but was a size smaller. And they can customize swimming shorts, wheeeeeeeeeeeee!

Must... not... go... to... Tiende... tomorrow.... lunch.


And then I passed by Topshop, and they were having their Buy-1-Take-1 promo already :)

They've been on sale since March 1 but I haven't been succumbing to temptation because I knew they were going to drop their prices AND ipapa-Buy-1-Take-1 pa nila. I knew my patience would pay off, even though I lost that cute purple tank. *Sniff*sniff*

But I was able to buy the white version, and a lacy tank top, both, as in silang dalawa na, for 568 pesos! Original price of the white tank was 800+ and the lacy tank top was 700+ and I got both for 568 pesoses only!!! Can I say SULIT???

But of course, the purchases were for the upcoming Boracay trip. Gotta have lots of tank tops to show off my big fat arms :P


One last hirit:



P.S. I told myself I wouldn't post in the blog about the Boracay trip, because baka maudlot na naman sa sobrang ka-excitement ko eh. Pero limang tulog na lang naman eh. Just please hope, wish and pray na matuloy na kami :) [Kasi mejo badtrip talaga, it's that time of the month this week ata. Busit! :P] Toodles!


  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    hiya! hope matuloy bora nyo and enjoy!!!! where'd u buy the infinity bikini? i want one too!!! kahit tumaba ako. hehehe

  2. hi karol :)

    i bought the infinity bikini sa cinderella megamall. pero i went to tiende this lunch (sabi ko diba di ako pupunta? pero pumunta pa rin ako haha) and mas madami atang stocks don. nasa fashion village sila, sa mejo dulo. and you can have your bikini/shorts costumized pa! :) i'm definitely going back there pero after boracay na :)

  3. Anonymous4:03 PM

    How cool that infinity bikini is! If I had a bikini bod, I'd totally get one too. Hehehe.

    Sana matuloy ang Boracay niyo! Sayang naman ang mga nashopping!

  4. naku! can't wait to see your pics in that bikini! heheheh! :)

  5. Toni, di rin naman bikini bod ang katawan ko eh!

    Drei, hahahah, asa :P for private viewing only by hubby ;)

  6. Boracay is so overrated! Hehe.

    Anyhoo, hope you'll have a blast out there! :-)

  7. haha, i'll get to see nga kung overrated talaga :P nakow taas pa naman ng expectations ko hahaha :D