Movie Night: On The Big Screen

The end of the first quarter of the year is fast approaching, and I've only been to the cinema three times. Yup, count that: 1 - 2 - 3. Sheesh.

At least they were all blockbusters :P

Night at the MuseumOf course we watched this movie because of Darice.

Night at the Museum was an enjoyable movie, not only for Darice, but for us her parents as well. As usual, Ben Stiller played the guy who doesn't have luck on his side, who ends up as the night guard in a museum. You'd think it would be a pretty easy job, but then, as everybody knows who has seen the trailer, everything in the museum comes alive at night. Yeah, it wouldn't be easy trying to escape wild lions, irritating monkeys and those little diorama warriors.

Well, of course that isn't the main point of the movie. It tries to be a father-and-son movie, where the father has to prove his worth to his son after a string of bad decisions. Yup, and the best decision he has ever made is to take care of the "curse" the museum is under. Hihihi. Deep, eh? :P With these kinds of movie, you don't really expect a lot right?

Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan as the bickering Jeddediah the cowboy and Octavius the Roman soldier were a hoot. The Easter Island statue, in my honest opinion, was the funniest museum relic. And the hottest is the pharaoh mummy.... yummy :D

Ghost RiderDar is a big Nicolas Cage fan. However, he was sorely disappointed by The Wicker Man and was just shaking his head after the movie, muttering "Why did he agree to do that?".

But I think Nicolas Cage was able to redeem himself (well, to Dar at least :P) in Ghost Rider.

Again, a fun-enough ride. Nic Cage brings back the weird personality traits he used in Gone in 60 Seconds, where his character there needs to have a few minutes of silence then plays War's Low Rider. In Ghost Rider, Nic's Johnny Blaze watches old cartoons to relax, drinks coffee straight from the coffee maker and listens to the Carpenters right before a show.

An observation: they need a better costume designer, as Eva Mendez' shirts' first few buttons are always undone -- I think the shirts are a tad too small for her :P

300For me, 300 is a chick flick :P

What else is there to say about this movie that hasn't been said? Beautiful CGI that looks straight out of the comic, wonderfully choreographed fight scenes and those 8-pack abs!

I don't think I can define this movie as beautiful as how it was made. There's something for both guys (I'm sure they'll enjoy all those fight scenes, and definitely the oracle scene) and girls (need I say more? 300++ guys with 8-pack abs in loincloths!!!) alike.

And I would just like to mention the hotness of Rodrigo Santoro who plays Xerxes. He may look femme, but he rocked the golden skin and multiple piercings. Yummmmmmmmmmmy :D


  1. one movie per month??? hehe!

    oks lang, i suppose updated ka sa mga tv series mo. tama ba?

    shux i missed ghost rider. gusto ko pa naman un, i want to prove kasi na somehow at least one movie with eva mendes wouldn't stink. hahaha!

    and 300? chick flick? hindi ah! nag enjoy kaya ako. ahem ahem. hahahaha! panoorin mo behind the sun with rodrigo santoro. :)

    mishu shelley!!

  2. chick flick kasi enjoyed by chicks :P hehehe.

    miss na rin kita drei :)