I secretly hope....



I'm trying out the new Picasa Web Albums. I'm thinking if I should let go of my Photobucket account, which I use as storage for my template's images, and some blog pictures -- especially those I use for my movie posts and earlier posts when I didn't have a Flickr account yet. But if I'm going to use small images only, then I won't be able to fully utilize the 1 GB capacity of the Picasa Web Albums.

Maybe I should explore Picasa more before I make the big move. But I'm still definitely keeping my Flickr account (which is going to expire this year, yikes, so calling Ramil :P)


  1. Anonymous8:45 AM

    sino si ramil? nanlilibre ba cya ng flickr pro account for everyone? ako po gusto ko rin ng pro!!!:D haha, kidding!!! :D oo nga, mabuti ka pa naka-pro account sa flickr. mauubos mo naman ung 1GB pag nakakuha ka na ng new camera eh. :)

  2. si ramil ang nagsponsor ng pro flickr account ko two years ago as a wedding gift samin ni dar pero ako lang mostly ang gumagamit hehehe.

    hmmm... pinagninilaynilayan ko pa... baka kasi parang photobucket account lang rin kalabasan ng picasa account ko if ever eh... we'll see :)

  3. Anonymous1:59 AM

    I love postsecret. Ü ~e~

  4. i love postsecret too :D i even bought the books :)