Boracay! - Day 2: A Walk to Remember


A few slices of tapa, an almost-whole egg and rice, plus either juice or coffee, for 90 pesos + 12% VAT. Not that sulit, but people hungry for breakfast can't be choosers.

My Feet Along Station 3

Station 3

My feet along Station 3

Beach houses I would like to own someday:

Station 3 Beach House
Station 3 Beach House - the white one

Station 3 Beach House
Station 3 Beach House - the brown one

Station 3 bars that caught our eye as we headed back:

Cool!  A Treehouse!
Tree house - airy noh?

Red Pirates
Red Pirates - recommended by Drei

Blue Mango Inn
Blue Mango - I like their rooftop area

A German bar
A German bar - oktoberfest kaya palagi dito? :P

The Bubble Gang Morning Shoot

We returned to our resort wherein there were hundreds of people milling about. Turns out there was a shoot for the Bubble Gang show underway.

Dar was brave enough to approach Antonio Aquitania and ask for picture. Ang saya naman ng lolo nyo hahahaha.

The Walk to Station 1 Station 168

We thought we could walk all the way to Station 1, but poor Dar, who hasn't walked this far since 2002 (that's when he got his pick-up kasi) gave up. Fine, it was hot hot hot outside too. And yeah, I was tired na rin (if you're going to look at the pic of my feet... yuck, makikita nyo na naglabasan ang mga veins ko :P) So that's why we ended up at, not at Station 1, but at Station 168.

Lunch at Aria

And then, akalain nyo yon, kainan na uli!

Aria is right beside Station 168 so diretso na kami after an hour of computer geekiness. This resto was one of Anton's Top 5 Bora Restos and so I was raring to try it out. No regrets at all :D


And then it was time to go back to the resort for some aircon :P

To be continued...

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