Boracay! - Day 2: Stars, Seafood and Shakes

After a long walk and a delightful lunch at Aria, we went back to the room for a little R&R. Well, Dar watched basketball haha, while I got my "tanning" things ready.

Of course, when I headed back to the shore, I took some pics while burning my skin off.

Then Dar came over, and as luck would have it, the Bubble Gang followed him :P

Of course we didn't waste all the space for the Bubble Gang peeps, hell, this was our vacation :P So, I guess, pictures while we burned under the hot sun:

And then we had enough of the sun and prepared for dinner. Dar wanted to go to the D'talipapa to try out a lutuan recommended by a friend of his, called J&N Restaurant. It was dampa style: go to the market to buy the raw ingredients then have it cooked by one of the numerous lutuans near the market. Since I know fudge about market-ing (:P), we had the cook of J&N accompany us while we bought shrimps, oysters and mussels.

Where we had our dinner
Where we had our dinner

Baked tahong
Baked tahong... yum

Steamed Oysters
Steamed oysters - all for me as Dar doesn't eat oysters

Garlic Shrimps
Garlic shrimps - mostly for Dar as I was too lazy to make himay :P

After a very heavy dinner *burp* we went around D'Talipapa to buy some pasalubong. Stuff being sold at D'Talipapa is cheaper than those found at D'Mall. Shorts being sold at D'Mall for more than 150+ (with tawad already) were around 120 only at D'Talipapa (and you can make tawad pa). I mostly bought keychains for my department, shorts for the PLG and cloths for my family. Dar had a lot more officemates na takaw sa pasalubong so he had to buy a LOT of stuff hehe.

After returning the pasalubong to our room, we then tried out the Boracay nightlife. As early as 8:30 pm hahahahaha. We went to Bombom bar and had a couple of beers and smokes. Then I finally insisted that we just had to go to Jonah's for those milkshakes! And yey, we did! The harder part was the walk back to our resort.... I dunno why, but it felt like it took FOREVER to go back to our resort.

And then, being the tired saps that we were, we headed back to our room for some much needed sleep and rest...

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  1. wowww! nakakainggit naman! hoping to visit Boracay this year also.
    And yummyyy the milkshakes looks delicious! <3 I want to experience the nightlife in Bora hahaha parang sobrang saya!!