Movie Night: Spider-Man 3

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOkay, I guess *everybody* has seen this movie already -- it's the only movie being shown in theaters nationwide (well... I don't know if it is nationwide, but in Sta. Lucia and Eastwood it was all about the Spidey, whereas in Robinson's Metro East there was one cinema reserved for Ang Cute ng Ina Mo hehe). And they opened on a holiday at that, with Megamall having a screening as early as 9:40am. Having done that, it's no wonder the movie has broken a box-office record in North America. I have no idea if they broke any box-office record here in the Philippines though.

Anyhoo, I was one of those people who watched during the opening day, albeit during the latest hour: Dar was only able to secure tickets for 10:50PM showing at Eastwood. Clocking in at more than two hours, it was a miracle I was able to go to work the next day (I was late as usual hehe).

So, what's the fuss all about? I may have said all that I need to say in my comment in Tonton's post, but for you people who are too lazy to click the link, I'll recap and a few more (need I say spoilers ahead?):

  • Harry Osborne - man, I don't know what happened, but he got hottie-hot-hot in this installment. Of course he still has issues with Peter, but then he got amnesia and he was this really good guy again and he was just so cute, then he remembered and he was a hot bad-ass then he got into his Green Goblin costume and I was hyperventilating by then.
  • Eddie Brock - Topher Grace still looks geeky (he is a photographer -- yep, for me photographers are geeks at heart, and I say that with much luuuuuurve :D) but man, that cocky attitude tugged at my female hormones. Some of my officemates wondered if he can pull off the big-bulky Venom villain, and I think he did... although I think those muscles were CGI :P
  • Peter Parker - eh, Peter Petrelli, is that you? With the emo bangs and eyeliner, strutting around New York, doing those embarrassing dance moves, I finally saw Tobey Maguire's appeal. Ye, ye, it's the bad boy mystique.
  • Mary Jane - I finally realized Kirsten Dunst is ugly. And "her" singing voice didn't really match her body? I don't know. It didn't sound like her at all.
  • Gwen Stacy - Maybe Kirsten Dunst became ugly because Bryce Dallas Howard was HAAAAAAAAAAAWT.
  • I just have to give props to that funny scene between the editor-in-chief and his secretary. Really useless in the overall plot development but greaaaaaat comedic relief.

Just don't expect too much. Many people are complaining about the story and the length of the movie or whatever, but as I do with every popcorn-movie that I watch, I just let myself enjoy the ride :)


  1. Bryce Dallas Howard! Hot! Hot! Hot!

  2. Anonymous2:33 PM

    pareho tayo ng napansin... hindi nga ka-pretty-han si MJ :p

  3. Ye ye ye! Hottie-hot-hot Bryce!

    pinklife, merong isang close-up scene si mj... tapos parang ako, ngek, ang panget nga nya hhahahah

  4. Harry Osborne!!!!!

    enough said. haha!

  5. kakaiba si harry osborne this installment noh? from bad-ass guy to charmingly cute guy to a badass good guy... *sigh*