Yey Me! Renewed Passport!

Mukha ba akong addict 10 years ago????

That was how I looked like when I entered UP Diliman as a freshman. I'm like, so guwapo ba? Hahahahaha, sheesh, I can never pull off a boy's cut na siguro because of my rotund and round face nowadays. Pero I think I look better naman nowadays because my chin doesn't stick out as much because of my triple chins hahaha.

Thanks to Passport Direct, for a fee of P1300 pesos, I was able to renew my passport without having to line up at the DFA and use up a leave. Well there was an additional 50 pesos because they had to bring my old passport back to me because stupid me forgot to sign it. It was never used naman kasi kaya I never put in my signature noh.

So, I have five years to travel (can't go to Iraq nga lang, as stated in my passport --> NOT VALID FOR TRAVEL TO IRAQ pramis merong nakasulat don). I don't have the money or the means or the time yet, but it feels strangely exciting! :D Yey!


  1. Gwapo mo, p're. Nagbibinata ka na ba nung time na yun? :P

  2. mas guwapo pa nga ata ako sayo hahaha :P

  3. Anonymous4:00 PM

    Yan yun trademark hairstyle dati ng mga siga sa amin!

  4. Anonymous9:36 AM

    sabe ko na nga ba guy ka before eh! kaya pala mahilig ka sa basketball :P

    but, dont we just LOVE 'changes?!' :P

  5. toni, mukha ba akong siga? hehehe.

    pinklife, hindi pramis, hindi ako athletic AT ALL. siga lang haha.