Commercial Space

I've jumped the shark. [edited] I'm a sell-out. Again.

I put back the Google's AdSense into my blog. I think I put them in better spaces this time. Well, I hope so. Let's see if they generate at least one click this month.

And can you freaking believe the money being generated by sponsored posts?!?

Haminahaminahamina yang mga dolyares na yan :P I already signed up for Payperpost, but again, the prob is with my Philippine Paypal account. I need an overseas Paypal account, at least an account which can accept payments and get the money for me :P (Obviously an account of somebody I trust, hehehehe). And of course, the most important thing: the time to blog. I think I'd have a harder time looking for time to blog than to find an overseas Paypal account. Hehe.

So, baby steps.

Oh and yeah, a few of my blogger friends and I MIGHT put up a site which MIGHT generate extra income too. Again, involves writing. But then, the subject is near and dear to my heart (er, actually lower... much much much lower :P hahahhaa) so, let's see.

Blogging for money in this day and age should be the easy-peasiest thing to do. Ayt?


  1. parang gusto ko yan "very low" blog site ah.. ehehhehe

  2. Jump the shark means the turning point from being good to being bad.

    Dapat "sell-out" yung term :P

  3. abi... wehehehe. yun lang.

    ton... fine, i'll edit :P

    philo bastard... i do hope so!

  4. Anonymous12:13 AM

    try mo din yung auctionads. yun yung gamit ng hubby ko sa isa niyang website and ok naman so far :)

  5. cheesygarcia, paypal ata gamit for payout. still need an overseas paypal account :(