Sick on the Noggin'

Took a leave of absence yesterday because of a stinking headache.

Yeah, I know, just a headache right? I got a headache last Tuesday that lasted the whole day but I was still able to function properly. But yesterday's headache was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo severe, that when I would sit up, umiikot ang mundo ko and I felt the need to vomit.

No, I'm not pregnant. (I know you're thinking that right now. Hmp :P)

And I was not drunk. (Srsly)

Took a bath because maybe I just needed to cool off my head. Nope, still feeling dizzy. I thought to myself, maybe I can sleep this off for a while then I'll go to the office after lunch. But no. Woke up around 11:30 AM with the world still reeling and a pounding sensation on my left temple. Okay, going back to dream world now.

That was how it went for the rest of the day. Sleep. Eat. Take Advil. Text officemates. Sleep again. But the headache was persistent!!! It wouldn't go away for good!

Finally, it was time for bed. Since Dar mostly took care of me and Darice during the day, ehem, I paid back in kind ;)

And wouldn't you know it, a rush of blood to the head took care of that damn headache hahahahahhahaha!!!!

I guess what I've read in Cosmo and other articles are true.

And, this article might be true in my case. Ever since that headache last Tuesday, I've been feeling randier than usual. Been experimenting with S3's timer, taking pictures of myself, and sending them to hubby. Yowza. I cannot believe I'd be doing that, and I cannot believe I'm writing about it in this blog :P

Okay, I think I've invaded your imagination too much already so I'm outta here. Toodles!

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