Sing With Me (Or just watch): Big Girls Don't Cry

Watch the hotness that is Milo Ventimiglia.

Don't mind that stupid hat on Fergie. (Although I'm loving her undies, and, man, she can rock the high-waist trend eh?)

I was getting kind of irritated at his character on Heroes, but then during that episode where they showed the future, he became this hot-hot-hottie-hot-hot Peter Petrelli, with the scar and Matrix-like trench coat. Y-u-m-m-y.

Okay back to the video above. Tattoos = hot. Ponytail = dirty hot. Facial expressions = on-fire-hot.

Sorry to the guys reading this post :P Sana hindi kayo na-inlove masyado kay Milo. Hehehehe.

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