A few things before I go to the office...

My neck, upper back and shoulders are in need of a good hard massage. Please do not even touch these areas as a slight caress might make me moan in a not so good way.

I made a new blog: Twinkle Twinkle Darice Star :D I'm going there for all things Darice... masyado na kasing mausok dito sa blog na'to. Don't worry, I'll inform you dear readers (yes you, who stumbled upon this blog because you searched for "yosi" :P) when I have something new in there. It's actually a group blog, and Darice and I are the members hehehe. The first kuwento up is her birthday gimik last April :) Then I will be writing about her birthday party.

We're going to Subic tomorrow!

We'll be staying at White Rock Beach Resort Hotel. The three of us haven't had a summer getaway yet -- just me and Dar in Boracay, then Dar with his officemates for their company outing, then Darice with my family in Fontana last weekend. The problem is *sniff*sniff* Darice doesn't want to go na kaming tatlo lang :( She has nobody to play with daw. Why do we need to go to the beach daw? :( It harts, it harts y'know.

Last week's figurative cloud over my head has now turned into a literal cloud -- rainy season is starting y'all!

That's it pancit. Gotta go sago.

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