Season Finale Week Part 1: The Old Favorites

Or what went down in the season finales of the CSI franchise and Numb3rs.

Need I say spoilers ahead? :)

CSI: Miami

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So what happened during the season?

Horatio and Delko went to Rio to finish off Marisol's killer in the first two episodes. Yelina comes back as a private investigator (in one episode, heh). We find out Ryan is a gambler (just like Warrick, in Las Vegas) and becomes a problem in the third to the last episode -- he gets fired. Delko gets shot in the head and spends half of the season trying to get his groove back, and romancing Calleigh! However, Calleigh is also getting re-acquainted with an ex-boyfriend, Jake, who was assigned in an undercover assignment, but then is transferred now to homicide.

And it all went down on the season 5 finale of CSI: Miami. Their case: a serial killer targeting blondes. As they try to find out the killer and look for the possible kidnapper, Delko and Calleigh talk about their inkling romance. Ryan comes back to the office to sort out his cases as there is an unknown deposit in his back account for almost a thousand dollars (sorting out the traffic tickets helped in the serial rape case, o diba?). Natalia can relate to Ryan being an outsider (as she was the "mole" last season and still felt like an outsider at times) and helps out in the end.

There is a glitch in the Delko and Calleigh romance, even though they talked it out: Calleigh and Jake kissed! Calleigh going with Jake while looking at Delko looking sorry and all! Delko looking pissed!

Oooh, and what about H? Well, he still had his one-liners, the dramatic exits. There's a kid in the episode (his mom was one of the victims) who wouldn't talk to anybody. Well, once H approached him, the kid talked, and even gave up the murder weapon. Iba ang powers ni H! Hehehe.

CSI: New York

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I loved Season 3 of CSI: NY!!! There were special stars galore -- Eddie Furlong and Nelly Furtado (I looooooooooooooooooooooooooved her in her episode lurve lurve lurve her) are one of my favorites.

So, to recap, Danny and Lindsay are showing romantic signs to each other. Peyton and Mac are a couple, even though Mac had a few problems with it at first. Stella got scared that she might have gotten in contact with the HIV virus but well, of course she didn't. Mac and Flack had a little conflict over a cop turned bad, and Mac also had problems with Internal Affairs and politics.

The season ender opens with a drug bust lead by the oh-so-yummy Flack -- they got a lot of coke and stored some in the lab for testing. And that's when the fit hits the sham, as the remaining gang members wants their coke back. Adam and Danny (it was supposed to be Lindsay but they totally did it last night and Danny let Lindsay sleep for a while so he took her shift) are taken hostage. The lab gets evacuated because of a gas leak, which Mac and Stella figured was a fake so they stayed, and of course they deal with the bad guys getting the coke from the lab. Stella gets to weild a big gun, while Mac went mano-a-mano with the ring leader. Hawkes was also left behind in the morgue so he got to deal with a bad guy himself.

That enough action for a season ender? :)


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This one is going to be a little bit tricky, as I don't want to reveal who the Miniature Crime Scene Killer (MCSK) and who among the CSIs is going to be *its* (so that I don't get to reveal if it's male or female eheh) victim.

The MCSK story line ran through the whole season, appearing in five episodes. There were four victims (the first one from the season opener) and even the lab guys (Hodges, Archie, etc) helped out trying to find the common thread in all the miniature scenes.

Aside from MCSK storyline, the season had Grissom taking a sabbatical with guest star Liev Schreiber taking the reins with Catherine (I cried during his last episode -- it was just so sad... I wanted his character to stay in the show!!!!). Then Greg had to deal with the family of a kid he killed in self-defense. Catherine also had to deal with with her own abduction and her kid's abduction, and a death in her family. I don't remember what's up with Nick and Warrick though haha.

I must say, with love and loyalty to this show, that there was no episode I didn't like in this 7th season. Ahlabit. Ahlabitbirimats.

And the season-ender is a gaddamit cliff-hanger. I cannot wait for September to roll around for the 8th season.


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I know this show is not one of those blockbuster hits but what is not to like about math solving crimes? :)

So what happened during the third season? Amita stayed, and so Charlie now has a girlfriend (yey, geeky love). While Don is still uncommitted, he gets close to Liz, a new member of his team but an old student of his. Anyhoo, during one of the last eps, he announced to Colby and David that he and Liz are indeed an item (kasi pinagtsitsimisan ng dalawang yon. hehe) But Don is also going to therapy, dealing with his trust and family issues, and also trying to figure out if he is indeed trigger-happy. Charlie and Don's dad has a new love interest, and wouldn't you know it, it's Charlie's new boss at the university. Larry goes to space, then returned, entering a monastery. Colby gets into trouble when his old army buddy became a suspect. Megan got called by DOJ, returning only to the team for the season ender, and she feels she cannot deal with investigative work anymore.

The last ep for the season deals with the sneaky world of espionage. An old spy, Ashby, has a list of people who are double and triple agents. He then reveals this to Charlie via a trail of codes and puzzles -- mala Da Vinci code ba. Charlie even gets to be like Don when he protects Ashby from a killer, while Don channels Charlie-vision when he figured out one of the codes.

And, yes, someone from Don's team is on the Janus List!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Up next, the season finales of Ugly Betty and Heroes (the season ends tomorrow!!!)


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  1. heya! i was planning to make an entry like this after i finish the one last episode of heroes season one! :)

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