Season Finale Week Part 2: The Favorite Newbies

These are the shows that premiered this season that captured my heart and renewed for next season. Sorry na lang Six Degrees and Studio 60.

So many things happened on their 23rd and last episode for the season, I think they should've done a two-parter. Anyways, too many stuff going on, I'm letting televisionwithoutpity do the recap thing.


Ugly Betty: East Side Story

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From televisionwithoutapity's recaplet:

Nooooooooooooooooooooo! Oh, where to begin in this hour full of tragedy? Okay, first of all, Betty decides that she's going to fight for Henry. She tells him so, upon peril of vomiting, and he surprises her by saying that he broke up with Charlie. Woo, right? Well, hold that "woo" for now, because bitch got herself knocked up, and Henry's going back with her to Tucson. But! Maybe get a half "woo," because Betty discovers from her perky dental hygienist (played by Kristen Chenoweth) that Charlie had been having an affair with good old Dr. Farkas for a few months. So the baby might not be Henry's! Meanwhile, Bradford proposes to Wilhelmina. When she must battle Fabia for her date of choice at St. Patrick's Cathedral, she trades June 16 for Marc. I know! But after remembering all the good times she and Marc have had together, she pushes the wedding off until November and gets him back. This may or may not work out for her, as Claire and her friend Yoga used the oldest give-a-diabetic-a-candy-bar prison-break scam in the book, and appear to be well on their way to vengeance. Daniel is still hopped up on his mystery drug, and has to feign a story about saving a Girl Scout to explain the black eye he got when his thug drug dealer beat him up and robbed him. Betty buys it, and when she tells Alexis, who sees right through the bull, Alexis suggests that she call a press conference. Betty does, and Alexis predictably humiliates him. There go his free Thin Mints. After Daniel discovers that Bradford is marrying Wilhelmina, he is driven over the edge and takes way too many pills with way too much liquor. He goes to say goodbye to Alexis, and his heartfelt words to her, along with the fact that he is quite possibly going to OD, bring out some long-lost sibling love. Alexis quickly decides to take him to a hospital, but because all the town cars are unavailable due to a party thrown by Paula Abdul, she decides to use Bradford's car. And you know how she hired that guy to off Bradford? Well, he apparently decided to cut Bradford's brakes. She discovers this a little too late, and the car crashes. The last we see of Daniel and Alexis, they are unconscious. Man, Paula Abdul ruins everything. Amanda accidentally reveals Fey's Secret Love Dungeon to Christina, and the two women get locked in there together. They do some boozing and bonding, and when they crack the code to Fey's safe they discover a long held secret -- Fey is Amanda's mother. And then, saddest of all things. Justin fed Joey Colano some walnuts and he broke out in hives, which means that Justin gets to perform the lead in West Side Story. On the way to the show, Santos stops at a convenience store to get a card. And the convenience store is being robbed. And when Santos intervenes to try to take down the masked thief, he is shot. We don't actually see if he is dead or not, but things don't look good. The police come to the Suarez house and find Betty, who has to go to the school play and pull Hilda from the audience. As they talk in the hall, Hilda cries and wails and falls to the floor to the strains of "Somewhere," and Ugly Betty bids us adios for the season.

Told ya. I almost bawled my eyes out during the last scene. Sheesh. I can so totally relate with Hilda's and Santos' love story.

And poor Henry... napikot.

I cannot effing wait for the second season.

Heroes: How To Stop an Exploding Man

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Recaplet from televisionwithoutpity:

We begin pretty much where we left off, with D.L. injured and Niki caring for him. They have to escape from some guards, so D.L. manages to phase them through a wall. He then convinces Niki that he's slowing her down, so she runs off to get Micah alone. Bennet and Mohinder cross guns over Molly, but Sean wakes up and declares that no one is going to hurt her. Over in Chinatown, Hiro wants to go after Ando so that Sylar won't kill him, but Daddy Hiro thinks that's a stupid idea. He eventually just hands over the Sword of Legacy to his son, and Hiro teleports after his buddy. Sylar paints a vision that includes Peter and he finds this mildly irritating, so he murders a canvas.

At Landslide Victory Central, Nathan's mother informs her son that Linderman's been murdered. Then she gets all handsy with him and says that the plan remains the same: he's going to be president, with or without Linderman. Nathan's on board with this idea. Bennet gets a call from Claire while he and Mohinder are arguing about Molly's future. Claire reports Ted's death. Bennet asks for Peter and then tells him that, since both he and Sylar have Ted's power, Peter's the only person who can possibly stop Sylar. Peter stoically just asks where to find him. Bennet decides to use Molly to find Sylar, but she's falling sick again, so this proves difficult.

Peter takes Claire to a parking garage, and Nathan's there. Claire's pissed because Peter lied to her and thinks they can't trust Nathan. Peter's scared and needs his big brother. While the siblings discuss the explosion, Claire escapes from the car, but she runs into Big Bad Grandma Petrelli. Peter listens in on Nathan's thoughts and realizes that he's the snake Claire thinks he is. Peter runs off to find her but he starts to go radioactive out in an alley and passes out. Speaking of passing out, Molly's really ill, so Mohinder gives her another transfusion. She recovers enough to locate Sylar in Isaac's loft. Bennet calls his daughter and learns that she's with her birth family; he convinces her to stay with them because she'll be safer. Bennet tells Matt that they have to find Peter, but Matt just wants to go shoot Sylar a whole bunch.

Peter wakes up to find himself in the greenhouse on top of the Deveaux building. He watches himself wheel Simone's father out onto the roof. They're accompanied by Mama Petrelli. Simone comes out and chats with Past Peter about dying and heroism and it's really sweet. Future Peter then listens in on his mother's conversation; Mr. Deveaux sings Peter's praises while Ma Petrelli basically says her youngest son sucks. She leaves and Mr. Deveaux announces that he knows Peter is there. Ando goes to kill Sylar, but he fucks that up. Fortunately, Hiro shows up and saves him. Meanwhile, Niki comes upon Micah's prison and Candice is there, pretending to be Jessica. She's also creating the illusion that Micah's injured or dead. Matt stupidly goes after Sylar and finds a painting that points him to Kirby Plaza and the death match between Sylar and Peter. Claire learns that the Petrellis know all about the explosion and are doing nothing to stop it. She jumps out the window to avoid a future with this fucked-up and twisted family.

Niki and Candice crash around the room a bit, with Niki on the receiving end of an ass-whupping. Luckily, Niki gets a glimpse of the real Jessica in a shard of mirror and realizes that Candice is a big fat faker. So she whomps her and rescues her son. Hiro takes Ando back to Japan and leaves him there. Peter talks to Mr. Deveaux and learns the truth. Peter is going to save the world because he can love, and, in the end, all that really matters is love. Bennet wakes Peter up and tells him that he's sticking around to shoot him in case he can't control the radioactivity. Bennet tells Peter to call him by his first name. Noah. HA!

Mohinder, Molly, D.L., Niki, and Micah join up and manage to escape from Linderman's guards. Down in the plaza, Peter and Bennet look for Sylar. They don't have to search long; he's right behind them. He tosses Bennet across the plaza and faces off with Peter. Time stands still. No. Not really. Sylar TK's Peter, then Matt shows up and shoots at Sylar, but Sylar just reverses the bullets onto Matt. Mo, Niki, D.L., and the Superkids exit the building and start to run off, but Mo goes to help Matt. Sylar hits Peter with a parking meter, but Niki intervenes and knocks him down. Score! An old-fashioned brawl begins with Peter and Sylar, but Peter's hands start glowing, so he freaks. Hiro shows up just in time with his trusty sword. He stabs Sylar through the heart. He goes down. Peter's hands are still glowing, though, so he asks Hiro to stop time. In his last dying gasp, Sylar TK's Hiro through the air, so Hiro has to teleport out of there to save himself.

Peter's still going to blow up. Claire runs up and Bennet hands her the gun. She walks to Peter and aims. He tells her to do it. She can't. Peter says there is no other way. But then Nathan flies down out of the sky and says there is. He says that Peter saved the cheerleader so that they could save the world. Nathan grabs his brother and they fly off into the sky so that Peter can detonate in space. Oh. My. God. Both Peter and Nathan are dead! AIEEEE! Volume One of the series ends and...Volume Two begins with Hiro landing in a field in Japan. Hundreds of years ago. During an eclipse. Oh, holy crap I can't wait for next season.

Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet talaga!

Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeteeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!! Nathaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

But, Kristin from E! Online has some spoilers for next season.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah #&$)(*&$(*&#$(*&#$(*&#^^^%@$@$#^%&(!!!

September na ba?

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