Five Years Gone

I hate meeting old school mates.

Especially when I haven't seen them for the longest time.


Case 1. I found out M is now an office mate. Saw him at a few events but didn't acknowledge his presence. Why? Because I might make a fool of myself and he wouldn't remember me. And I hate his guts. Hahahahaha.

Badminton practice, he finally went up to me and asked why the hell wasn't I making pansin him. Yadda yadda yadda. Anyways, he was making kuwento about me and our college days and this came out of his mouth:

"Sexy yan dati..."

Dati.... dati... dati... dati...

Case 2: Last Friday night, yosi break with Joy at the BSC. Past 9PM already, but we still had to make the outing invitations.

Well, guess who was having a yosi break too? It was E, who almost courted me during my college days (hay nako, pag nabasa mo to E, aminin mo na muntik mo na talaga ako ligawan, nakabisita ka pa at lahat sa bahay namin ha!).

Anyhoo, eto ang bati ng loko:

"Uy... ang LAKI ng pinagbago mo ha..."

Kukingina naman. Ang ganda ng adjective na ginamit!


Five Years Gone

Look how much of an addict I looked like then (picture on the left, obvs). And jologsy. Hahahaha. The hair man, the hair! What was up with that???!?

And lookee how I look right now (picture on the right, obvs again). Wearing that bikini, Papa D whispered to me:

"Ang sexy mo naman..."

Now that's a hirit to remember! Hahahahhahahah :D


  1. waaaah!! nakaka relate ako ng sobra.. huhuhu..

    sino si E?????

  2. Anonymous4:41 AM

    di natin officemate si E... taga BSC lang talaga sya.