You Make Me Wanna La-la, La-la

Not an Ashlee Simpson fan, okay?


For the past few days, if I have a few moments to spare, I reflect about how fucked up I am emotionally (and that's usually during yosi breaks, coffee runs, and commute time).

And I realized that I still do believe in love stories -- but they do eventually end.


Last night, I couldn't help but cry out of sheer frustration.

D picked me up but because of work, he waited for almost an hour for me. On our way home, he was masungit already. When we got home, when I asked him if bababa pa sya (as he was already dressed to go to his gimik), he said, "Ang tagal ko naghintay sayo eh" while hugging me goodbye.

I was seriously jonesing for some time with him pa naman, and what I got was tense silence on our way home, and a half-hearted hug. Siya pa naman yung nagsabi na susunduin nya 'ko, hindi ako yung nagpasundo, so tuwang-tuwa ako na naisip nya yon, at minsan lang nya ako masundo or mahatid, tapos ganon lang nangyari :(


He promised he would be home by 3am, and it's now 6:43 and not a muscle of him in sight. I got a message from him around quarter to 3 that his phone was running on a low battery already, and that he was drunk. At quarter to 4, his officemate sent me a message that D was really drunk so they thought it best that D should not drive home, and just stayed at somebody else's place.

Range of emotions early in the morning: annoyance, paranoia but mostly disappointment.

And by 4am I was over it. I am so over him.


You know why? Because tomorrow I am going to Cebu!!!

Cebu, again?!?

The first time was for the ECE Conference in 2003, and I only got to tour the city and have a little feel of the night life (yea, buhay dalaga after ten thousand years :P)

Second time was last year, when we spent a few days at Bantayan Island, then headed back to Cebu city.

And now, for this trip, I'll be with the Pepe Lopez girls! Aside from Bantayan Island and Cebu city, we'll be going to Malapascua :D



I just hope I learn nothing from this moment on, that will make me NOT enjoy my four-day summer escape.


And so that I will not get messages that I am an unfit mother and wife for leaving my husband and child while I have fun on my own, Darice is staying at my Mom's house. Messages of that kind last year almost ruined my trip, and so, I don't want to deal with those again.


And so, I will be on a mini-vacation, as well as this blog (which was already on a mini-vacay for the past 7 days). Of course, pictures will be abundant.

See you next week!


  1. Anonymous7:29 PM

    mommi shelles, pag may nag text sayo na ganyan, wag kang maniwala.. pag nag ka anak ako I'm sure na titingalain na kita..

    ika nga ni joy.. hindi lang tayo goddesses, mutual-adoration club pa..

    pero malamang d mo to mababasa tonightkasi sobrang excited tayo pumunta ng cebu!!!

  2. salamat :D hay naku marami akong ikukuwento sa inyo sa cebu ... *tears falling* joke lang :P