Yey! Friday! Time for Beer! :P

Or not. Hahaha. I want to get a mani and a pedi tonight because I am attending a friend's wedding tomorrow.


Okay, and that wedding has a no-black-dress clause -- ahm, I buy clothes in two colors only: black or purple. Ahahaha. No seriously, when it comes to dressing "formal" (or semi-formal), I really have a hard time NOT choosing black.

I knew I had to start searching for a dress like the earliest possible time -- yesterday. Ahahahah. So that if my search for the dress didn't go so well, at least I still have Friday diba?

Now, I have several constraints when I'm buying clothes NOT in black. I don't wear red, green, yellow or orange. I can go for dark blue as well as pink (not bright pink please). Of course, give me something in purple and I'll immediately try it on. If it's printed, I don't want to look like a rainbow, or have too many bright big flowers, and please no animal print.

Considering my size, you can imagine how scarce my choices are.

After almost an hour of searching, I finally went back to Bayo to try a dress. It was my last hope.

And what color was it?

Gray... hindi yon black diba? ;)

My Not-Black Dress for a Friend's WeddingI was suuuuuuuuuuper happy I finally found a dress, that wasn't in black, and the style wasn't so bad at all. Yippeee! And, and, and, kasya sakin ang size na large lang!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahahaha. Meant to be mine!!!

And I bought a black undershirt as the front of the dress is cut too low. Can't show too much cleavage, di ko naman kasal 'to :P

The Shoes for the Dress

And I can fiiiiiiiiinally wear these shoes!!! Yey!


How lame is it that I'm still in the office?

I really want to go out tonight. But I really want a manicure and pedicure. But I also want to go home to rest. I have the wedding tomorrow, then on Sunday, I have this travel photography workshop in Makati. Fully booked ang lola nyo, 'teh. And I still have to catch up on work, because next week I'll be attending a four-day training. Just thinking about that is making me want to go to bed right now.

But but but, after aaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll that has happened this week, with the multitude of work plus ensuing drama between me and D, with a whole lot of paranoid overthinking (as my sister said), I really need a beer or two.

To celebrate and to grieve.

And then have a good night's sleep....

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