Just got home from watching Zsazsa Zaturnnah with the PLG and Van.

I would like to give a big THANK YOU to Drei for giving us info about the musical play. The 800 bucks was sooooooooooo worth it. I think I've never heard so much putangina, punyeta and pakyu in a span of more than two hours. And I have never laughed so effing hard. Andami kong baong quotable quotes. Hehehehe.

Pictures with the cast!!!

Dodong!  Weeee!
Dodong was riiiiiiiiiiiipped. Yummy. Haaay. Sana ako na lang nag-rip ng shirt nya instead of the mumus.

Me, Zsa Zsa Z. and Van
Me and Van with K Brosas as Zsazsa. Keri nya, ang galing, babaeng-babae (sexy eh) pero bading na bading talaga ang kilos!

PLG with Didi
Kudos to the actor who played Didi -- dinala nya yung buong play. Panalo! He's the reason kinabag ako during the play, hehe.

PLG with Ada and Zsa Zsa Z.
The girls with Ada and Zsazsa - ang bading na bading at ang babaeng bading!

I'm borrowing a copy of the graphic novel from MJ, and I hope I can watch the movie they made last year. But I think the musical play is an unbeatable experience because of the adlibs done by the actor. The show feels spontaneous and not scripted at all :)

For tickets, call Tanghalang Pilipino at (632)8323661. Show schedules are here.


  1. shelley!!!

    i'm glad you had fun! ako din kahit 2nd time ko na un, i still can't stop laughing!!! galeng!! :)

  2. Anonymous10:21 PM

    sumakit tiyan ko kay didi grabe :P twas nice meeting you nga pala :)

  3. Anonymous4:57 AM

    drei!!! :D thank you thank you talaga!

    rick, it was nice meeting you too :)