And so we start the weekend with...


Can you freaking believe that?

I was already upset because of you-know-who.

Then I went over to Basapa and the newest post has clips of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Crayola session ito ever!!!

First, the tears started falling from my left eye... then those around my right eye pooled and fell faster than those from the left eye... and then I blinked and then, I cried me a river (nyahahahahah!).

And since crying me a river was not enough, I went over to Pajiba's Tearjerkiest Moments of the Last 20 Years. I think you may have a heart of stone if none of those clips make your eyes water just a little bit.

If you had enough of the tears, then how about some cheesiness?

Pajiba's Cheesiest Soundtrack Singles of All Time will surely clear up the tracks of your tears (hahahaha ang corny ko ngayon! bwisit!). But well, unless you've associated some tragic or sad memory with any of those songs. Heh.

Not lunch yet, and I already want a drink.


  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    "Crayola session ito ever!!!"

    sandali ha. hindi ko kinaya. humahalakhak ako ngayon haha :P

  2. @rick: hahaha, hindi ba bagay sakin? :P