Boys, boys, all type of boys

Browsing through the messages I received in Friendster, I came upon old messages, sent October 2003:

Hi! How are you? Do you remember me? I was your neighbor in ******* ....

Do you remember the days we would sit on your swing and talk whenever you guys throw a party in your house?

How can I effing forget you? Yes, I remember those talks we had -- it's a very dear memory of mine. You broke my heart at the tender age of 11, but you gave me the best summer of my pre-teen life.

He lives in the US now. He's married (to a girl who, IMHO, is as "healthy" as me, and having the same nickname as mine) and has a little baby boy of his own. I used to dream of a life with him when I was that lovestruck 11 year-old girl... but then they were shattered (drama naman) when he went for the mestiza girl. But looking at him now, marrying somebody who looks like me -- oh, the could've-beens racing through my mind right this moment.

I remember I replied to his messages with something like this: "Remember I had the biggest crush on you then?"

And didn't get any reply from him anymore.

So what's new eh?


Going home from training last weekend, I saw a familiar profile near our subdivision gate buying some food.


Okay, what the eff was he doing here?

So again, I returned to the bastion of stalkerhood, Friendster. Hmmm... I knew he was not from around here, so ah, let's see the SO's profile.

The SO is from Antipolo.

Looking at the "connections" we have, our subdivision's Friendster profile (yeah labo noh, may Friendster profile yung subdivision?) was one of the connecting links between me and his SO.

That means the SO is within proximity, and that means he could be too!!!

Okay, so why is this bothering me so much?

Because I got to know this guy during the dark ages of 2001. And because he thought I was so effing hot then, and when he sees me today I'm just going to be plain ol' sweaty. And I only bothered then because I wanted to get back at Dar. And because I am so not that girl anymore.

He's a blast from the past that I am trying to forget.

Yeah, what are the chances of our crossing paths again? Looks like he's been with his SO for more than a year already and it's only now that I saw him around the neighborhood. I'm making a daing na bangus out of dilis anyways. This should not be a big deal noh?


Girl officemate: Uy, naipit ata yung blouse mo sa pants mo.

Me: Ay shet, parang na-wedgie ba yung blouse ko? :P

Guy officemate: Gusto mo ako na lang magtagal ng wedgie mo? >:D



  1. eh pano ung boy na kadate mo last weekend manood ng Planet Terror? hehehe!

  2. Anonymous1:16 PM

    secret lang yon eh :P hahahahha.

    he deserves his own post :D naks.

  3. wedgie sa boob. haha.
    natawa ako nung first kong nakita

    syempre ngayon lang ako nagcomment :p

  4. grabe shell, i can just imagine your personality... super saya mo sigurong kasama. i enjoy reading this post.

  5. @moogs, hindi sa boob!!!! :P

    @nette, thankies! :D

    sa umpisa tahimik lang ako, pero when i get more comfortable with you, wala ng hiya-hiya :P