Whoooo are you... who who who who...

As you can see, I am still obsessed about imeem.


So, a favorite past time of mine in the office while waiting for a kiddo's work, or waiting for a job to run, or waiting for my brain cells to warm up is to look at my Sitemeter. I get a kick out of the search words people use that make them land on my blog (most of the time it's about my employer), and how long they stay (around 0 seconds :P).

And I get a little starry-eyed when some unknown entity in the internet is searching for yours truly.

First, somebody from Singapore was searching for missyosigirl. I thought that it was Ton at first, but then why would he need to search for me -- he knows my blog by heart (naks diba Ton? :P) Anyways, the Singaporean entity may have read some of my archives (which are sometimes embarrassingly juvenile) and yeah, read my Peyups article! Yeah! Thanks! K! Next time hope you can leave a comment!

Second, somebody from the States was searching for Shelley Dela Cruz!!! Now I seriously doubt that the searcher was in the US of A -- do you think he/she might've been using a proxy? And woah, a Mac OS and using Safari. You're cool, dude/dudette but next time, stay a little longer in my blog. Am I not the Shelley Dela Cruz you were looking for? NO? Really? There are others like me?!?

Third visit was not a search word but a "referral" from Ton. Highly suspect because of the domain name, and we have that bank within our office's compound! And that person stayed for an hour and 40 minutes, looking thru 18 pages of my blog! Do I have a secret admirer *kilig*? Nyahahahah. I hope it's that guy from the bank with the really delicious eyelashes. Nyahahahaha again.

I've already written about how much I love Sitemeter, and I'm saying it again.

I love you Sitemeter. You make me feel important, loved and ahm, Googled. Yeahahahah.


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Aaacckk!!! mukhang ako yung guilty under the nanggoo-google na taga-singapore category. i've read your article sa peyups non, i was going to read it sana ulit but ended up reading your blog and the other article instead. waaaahh...nakaka-conscious pala matrace and mabroadcast! :P hey by the way, i enjoyed reading your blog kasi para kong kinekwentuhan ng college friend ko. myahaha..so ayan ha. i've spoken. cheers!

  2. Anonymous8:23 PM

    wahahha, ikaw talaga yun? :D coolness, thanks for commenting ha! i think i've seen you visit my multiply page too rin? ikaw ba yun? :)

    hey kaya lang may sitemeter kasi nga i'm curious how people get to my blog and how long they stay, i.e. if nabobore ba mga tao sa mga nababasa nila dito :P

    thanks for coming forward :P hehehe.

  3. Anonymous1:01 PM

    yung sa multiply, nde na ako yun ha. :)

    take care and give my hugs to your girl. anlaki na nia!!! diba baby pa siya nuon sa peyups article?

    basta i'll keep on reading ;)

  4. Anonymous8:48 PM

    wow, ibang level ka ha. in demand :P

    btw, the shirts’ price range is between 350-700 i think. pero normally around 400-500, depende sa design eh.

    nakadaan ka ba ng paseo de sta. rosa last week? coz i remember you mentioned you were gonna drop by levi's? :)

  5. rick, ibang level kasi mga stalkers hahaha.

    no, wasn't able to go to tagaytay na nga at all eh :(