"Cancel my subscription, I'm tired of your issues"

I can't remember where I heard that. I think it was a TV show. Maybe Tyra? Haha. I dunno.


While Chedeng, Dodong and Egay were rocking the Metro with rains, there were three issues that rocked the world of Pinoy bloggers.

First was the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs and comments made in the first episode of the Fobcast. Are the defenders of the top 10 emerging influential blogs too sensitive or were Mike and Marco the site guy too insensitive? [I'm more interested in finding out who was that Mika and Marca trolling Mike's blog, hehe]

Second was the kid blogger issue. Is he, or isn't he? Is it really important?

Third was the "misrepresentation" issue. Why again did this become an issue?

I never knew blogging could be this showbiz! Ahahahah.


Oh, and heard about Malu Fernandez and her "acerbic wit"?

If not, then read her article for People Asia magazine here and here. [Source of images here]

And because a lot of people complained about her, uh, wittiness, she published another article for us dum-dums who don't get her acerbic wit.

And because of those two articles, pinoy bloggers everywhere are reacting -- I won't be able to find all their links, they're just too many to mention ika nga. Just google malu fernandez and tada! :) There's also a petition to fire Malu Fernandez and boycott Manila Standard and People Asia. [Not hard for me to do the latter two as I really don't read the two publications.]

But hey, if you're going to lash out at Malu, please heed Doc Tess' advice: let's not stoop to name calling. And look, even Bryanboy, who also posted something about the Malu Fernandez bruha-ha, says "I *understand* that a lot of people were offended by her article(s) but if you are gonna attack someone, please don't resort to petty and immature remarks about her looks, her body size etc. At the end of the day, we're all going to be thick, fat and obese."

I agree with Bryanboy and Doc Tess. It was not Malu Fernandez' looks or body size that contributed to the article. It was the fault of her miniscule brain which couldn't produce the sarcastic tone for the article. Because she wrote badly, her true matapobre self came out. Because she was a bad writer, she couldn't hide her true self. Her "acerbic wit" was not enough to cover up her bad intentions.


And, a dejavu issue.

Hypothetically speaking, what would you do if you found out that your SO was hiding the number of a girl under somebody else's name for more than three months already? And the "hidden" number was being called more times than your number. And more minutes spent on calls too for the hidden number (a 23-minute phone call for the "hidden" number vs. the average 2-minute phone call to your number).

And weeks before that discovery, you saw a picture of your SO and the girl in question already which gave you the heebie-jeebies.

And then he will 'fess up they were just "close friends" [quotation marks are mine]. He will tell you that he didn't tell you about the "friendship" because you would get jealous of his girl friends na "may itsura".

What do you do?

Will you spit back at his face that his overblown ego is distorting his logic because he knows you only get jealous of girls he flirts with, that the attention of the other girl must be blinding him to the fact that he's trying to make a fool out of you, and that the admiration of his other guy officemates for "getting the girl" is distracting him from the obvious conclusion that HIDING HER NUMBER FOR THREE MONTHS WILL DEFINITELY AROUSE SUSPICIONS.

Or, will you accept his explanations, and swallow your pride, and think, "yeah, I'm a jealous paranoid freak that's why he hid her number from me, and yeah maybe they're just close friends"? Will you actually believe they are just friends, and not "friends"?

So, hypothetically speaking, are you going to spit?

Or swallow?


  1. sana pala maaga ako nagising at nakapunta ng sidebar.. =(

  2. If that's the case Missyosigirl, it's neither spit nor swallow. Slash, baby. Like cut the crap. ;)

  3. @abi, yung chain of events nangyari last week. yung phone bills nakuha ko ng wednesday. thursday night ko naconfirm yung number. kaya friday half-day leave ako diba? :P

    @lynn, he loves wallowing in the crap eh :P

  4. Anonymous9:13 PM

    I just don't buy the excuse that he didn't inform you about the friendship because he's afraid you'd get jealous because of the other girl is prettier.

    Fishy. Very fishy.

  5. Anonymous9:29 PM


  6. prudence, the hell, she's not prettier!!! he just said "may itsura" daw. and why would he think I would think she was "may itsura" noh. she's trying hard pa-cute kaya.

    michael, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  7. definitely SPIT :D

    i just firmly believe that the man am involved with cannot spend more on another girl :D and considering that am a girl who goes dutch and what-not, the nerve talaga of a guy to be spending more load on some other girl no!


    seriously now... if he really believes he wasn't doing anything wrong, then he wouldn't have kept this from you... and you'd probably have heard him talk about the girl in some offhand way... same way that any new friend he makes, boy or girl, you'd hear about...

    one of the reasons why i married the man i married is that.... he'd even tell me if the girls am actually jealous of calls... because he doesn't want me finding out later, when it will look like i caught him in a lie, or he tried hiding something from me... he was always upfront and transparent that way, w/c goes a long way in trusting him completely...

  8. mec, yeah i know, there was really an intention to omit her from kwentos and such.

    that's why i told him nga, IF you really are just friends, and you want me to trust you, then trust me also that i can deal with that.

    eh pero bitter ocampo talaga ang drama ko. hirap naman kasi paniwalaan with his hiding her number and lame-ass intention eh.

  9. Anonymous7:21 AM

    who would've thought blogging can be this political.


    palibhasa mga ibang tao jan kulang sa attention. may iba naman nagmamagaling, feeling super authority.

    ha ewan. ugh.

  10. rick, diba, why can't we all just get along?


    why can't we agree to disagree? diba? :)

  11. Anonymous11:31 AM

    Aaah, so this is the kaguluhan I've been hearing about. Nakakaloka naman.

    And I choose to spit.

  12. hehe, magulo talaga toni. pero nagkaayos naman na yung kay carl ocab issue and yung "misrepresentation" issue, nagkausap-usap na ang mga involved :D

    and yeah, i guess really, spit diba? no other conclusion diba?

  13. Anonymous8:00 AM

    to tell you the truth...what would work really well is, just ignore the girl's existence, don't be mad at him. let him know the fact that he's hiding things from you is not okay with you, but don't make it sound like you're jealous. then drop the subjhect. don't talk about it anymore. then be very very busy. go out with your friends, go on a vacation. get away. let him miss you.

  14. Anonymous11:25 AM

    For me... i'll choose to spit - spit on his face. Masisira naman ang aking image pero sige para lang sa issue na ito magpapakatotoo ako. There are things na hindi pwedeng itolerate. And I hate it that whenever I ask something about someone *such as a certain number listed on the list of the most recent used number pero wala ang copy ng message sa sent text messages is FISHEEEEYYYYY!!* of course, Id get answers like - 'san mo na naman nakuha yan?' or 'baka kasi magselos ka' - i was never the cool slash level minded person sa relationship, binabangasan ko. Literal. Mabuti na lang hindi lumalaban :p
    note: once pa lang naman nangyayari un, at hindi ko alam kung sino ang tama *pride*
    hehe, pero sis, maggloves ka ha? Hehe. Dun ka sa nearest exit, baka kasi lumaban si Dar.. lolz.

  15. Anonymous11:36 AM

    *spit in his face

  16. carla, i am already beyond jealous. i'm just plain pissed. and i've tried all that... to no avail.

    pinklife, hindi na nga fishy to eh. parang there's no other conclusion. yun na yun.