I am pissed off

After I learned that he was hiding her number, and he told her about it, guess what the she did?

My Friendster profile, her Friendster profile. Do you see any freaking similarity?!?

Update: She changed her main picture already but since a certain person (you know who you are ;)) told me to get a screenshot kasi baka nga daw palitan, ayan yung screenshot nung kinakainisan kong main pic nya. And here's her Friendster profile now.

Then she acquired a new number (timing talaga, bumili ng ibang sim kasi nabuko na yung isang number nya), sent a text message to him, calling him "honey". After I texted her to stop using "honey" as a pet name coz it's so jologs, and then she replying with a "?", and then me replying with a "don't play dumb with me, you're already fucking dumb", I saw that her newest Friendster blog post was the lyrics of Mariah Carey's Honey.

I learned of her new number Friday night because of that "honey" text, then she posted that damn blog entry the Sunday after.


Yes, I will stoop down to her level.

If you, dear readers, will grant me this simple wish, that you ring her phone having the number 09219557424 from 9pm to 4am, I will forever be grateful.

No, ring her phone anytime you want. Just piss her off just as she pissed me off.

If you want to text her nasty stuff, be my guest. Tell her anything. You can even tell her she's cute. Or the truth, that she's a wannabe pa-cute. Just as long as everybody bugs her during her shift. Or bugs her all day.

Do it with a big group of people. Ring her phone one after the other. Have a party over this ring brigade! Have a shot when she replies with a "hu u?" or she answers the phone then says nothing! Have another shot when she finally turns off her phone.

Ako na bahala sa asawa ko.


  1. Anonymous1:18 AM

    ramdam na ramdam ko hanggang dito ang emotion/s ng blog mo. :p sige, ipagkakalat ko ang number nya. haha. wala kasi akong pang miscall, alltext lang ako...

    by the way, be strong, kung si britney spears nga kaya ang challenges, ikaw pa kaya (huwat, connection?) in short, BE STRONG..


  2. i wanted to let off some steam kasi. oh well.

  3. o s'ya sige. i'll text her all the way from here. hehe.

  4. Anonymous8:40 AM

    seriously? :) hehe salamat!

  5. Anonymous5:50 PM

    done :P

  6. Will do just that. :)


  7. Anonymous7:38 PM

    hey, hope you're ok. sige will call and text the number! hehe. :)

  8. weeeeeeeeeeeeeh! thankies to all :D

    i know i've stooped down so low, pero mababaw na kung mababaw! she effing started it!

    and, especially for the cyber hugs. appreciate it ;)

  9. isa po ako sa masugid mong readers. ngayon lang ako magpaparamdam, kasi ung mga ganitong tao eh dapat itapon sa sa ilalim ng dagat. hahaha

    ikakalat ko ang number na yan!

    magsama ang mga hmph na yan. :)

    sayang, hindi ko makita ang buong profile niya. pero tama ka, gaya-gaya ang loka ahihihi

  10. Anonymous4:17 PM

    hay minsan talaga kailangan patulan ang mga ganyang uri ng tao...

    naging biktima rin po ako ng ganyan..

    nakakainis tlg!

    makikiisa ako sau!

  11. haze maraming salamat :)

    anonymous, sabi nga ni bobby valentino, "why you gotta be anonymous?" wehehe. salamat din!

  12. yun naman nga ang nde ko gets sa ibang girls... alam na nga nilang sila yung wala sa lugar, sila pa yung matapang... mang-iinis pa talaga...

    in a way, walang depensa sa kanila eh

    anyway, pag naalala ko yang number na yan bukas... ikakalat ko sa mga alam kong manyak :)

  13. Anonymous11:42 PM

    taga-siemens din ba yang babae na yan?

  14. mec, yun na nga, nakakabwisit talaga! salamat! puede mo ring isubmit sa TV, yung text tube ba yon? hehehe

    pao, yup!

  15. Anonymous2:42 PM

    mag-overnight mga girl friends ko from siemens later. tamang-tama, i'll ask her about them. pareho ata silang L2, ano?

  16. kuwentuhan mo 'ko pao ha :D