I have calmed down...

... with visible devil horns on my head and a growing curly tail on my bee-hind.


But very fun, IMHO. :p Hehehe.


Thank you to all those who called and texted the girl-who-doesn't-know-her-place!

I also asked some of my closest friends to barrage her with nasty text messages and makulit phone calls last Wednesday night. Here are some of their kuwentos, with names changed to protect their identity (from the girl if ever she will find this blog -- which I highly doubt... hanggang Friendster lang siya eh hahahah).


His text: Think of Darice. [blah blah I forgot na] Taga UP ka man din.

Hihi. Diamond thought she was from UP. She's actually from La Consolacion Manila.

Her reply: U hav n0 ryt 2 say dat bout me! U d0nt kn0 me!

I told Diamond to reply with this: "Uy, defensive. Mukhang guilty!" or with this: "Ay sorry, you're not from UP pala".

Diamond told me that instead, he replied with "di ko lang kasi maintindihan why you'll do those things"

She replied that I shouldn't worry... that "your friend don't have to feel that way".


Kukingina, sa call center siya nagtratrabaho! Sana naman maayos grammar nya diba?

Oh yeah, remember in this post, I told you that I texted her to not play dumb with me because she was already dumb? Well she texted Dar (sumbungera!!!) with this: "Ur wife is txting me! M 0n w0rk! Ky0 mag-usap!"

She's ON work! Ahahahahhaha.

Diamond then ended the text messaging with "Sorry pinagkamalan kong taga-UP ka".


Clifftree started out with ringing the girl's phone since Wednesday night.

Thursday, Clifftree continued ringing the girl's phone. Then the girl rang her phone.

Clifftree: Is this Tere? [I guess you readers know by now that the girl's name is Teresa right? Because of her Friendster profile?]

The girl: Hu u?

Clifftree: Si honey. [pertaining to the pet name she used in texting my husband]

Then she didn't reply anymore.

Clifftree: Why aren't you answering my text, honey? Galit ka ba? Bc? Sleeping?[again, pertaining to the text messages she sent my husband]

And the girl replied with this:


u cried




you are willing 2sacrifice!

Clifftree: May asawa na yon! Sa tingin mo tama yang ginagawa mo?!

And Clifftree didn't hear from Tere anymore. Hehehehe.


Gabriella started out with ringing her phone a lot, sending "Bitch" or empty text messages. The girl then rang Gabriella's phone.

[Gabriella is an officemate and part of the Goddesses group (basta yun na yun) so we helped her with how and what to reply to the girl]

Gabriella sent a "Hu u?" message hehehe.

The girl's reply: I d0n't kn0w u! it's u wh0 started txtng me since d other day! where did u get my #!

First, I agreed that we should send the url of my blog. Then I stalled, haha! We then decided to send a few lines from the song Honey as seen in her blog with "do i have to spell it out for you?"

We wanted her kasi to see her blog post, and then see my comment. Then look for my blog. Then to realize this is where her number came from.

Her reply: Wr0ng send ka ata!

We replied with a few lines from Don't Matter by Akon, because the lyrics are posted in her blog. We added: "Ang dami namang lyrics sa blog mo!"

Her reply: Kelan p kta naging friendster?! fav0rite kc namen yan eh.. why can't u just mind ur own business..

Gabriella: I'm not friends or friendsters with anyone who intentionally hurt others. And everybody can see your blog, honey.

Gabriella: And oh, wag ka rin makikialam sa relationships ng iba. That's really really bad. Unless of course, if you wanna go to hell.

Her reply: yah ryt! u can say whatever u want 2 say bout me! u dont know me! u can txt me all u want if dat wil satisfy YOU! so many numbers ha.. yoko snang patulan mga txt m0, kya lng mukang di ka ttgil pg d aq nagreply eh! so happy knb? bka kc hanggang pg2log mo iniisip m0 pdin ako eh!

After a round of potanginas from the goddesses [samin-samin lang, di namin siya sinendan ng mura in fairness]:

Gabriella: kala mo isang tao lang nagtetext sayo? Eh kaya ka pala pumapatol sa may asawa. May katangahan ka rin pala. Happy? Baka ikaw? Trying to destroy something seems to make you happy. No matter how complicated di ba? [a reference to her blog post here]

The girl stopped after that.

But then she started ringing phones -- four people from the office who I asked to ring her phone got a missed call from her.

I asked one of them then (not Clifftree or Gabriella) to send this message: "Sabi ng hindi lang isa ang nagtetext sayo eh! Ba't kelangan mo pang i-make-sure?"

Finally she stopped. Fucking good for her noh.


My guy friend Clement is the master of kakulitan sa text, as in!

He started out texting her as if they knew each other and that she didn't show up where they were supposed to meet.

yes its n0t funny bec0z i d0nt kn0w u yet ur txtng me! can you check d # ur txting!? your # is n0t register 2 my cp!

And then Clement pulled out his multi-lingual skills and I think started texting her in German.

u txtd me first! wer did u get my #? i really dont know u.. and i can't understand ur language! who are you!

I knew Clement would find this ring and text brigade fun, fun, fun :D


So, had the same expriences? Did she mis-call you too? Sent a "hu u?" reply? Send your stories to missyosigirl at gmail dot com or write a comment for this entry! Then I'll update this entry with your stories too :)


I asked Dar yesterday morning if he's still in contact with the girl. He said she texted him, telling him that marami daw tumatawag and nagtetext na numbers na hindi nya kilala.

He said he didn't reply to her text message anymore.


My girl friends (especially Clifftree and Vanessa) really went for the killer text messages because I made them an offer they couldn't possibly refuse! :D

A default yosi / vendo coffee for texting or mis-calling her. [Dunhill Flow ang yosi ko ha, and mahirap maghanap non, kaya patas lang sila ng vendo coffee :P]

If she cancels the call, replies with a "hu u?", or answers the phone but does not say anything, they get a shot or a glass of cocktail at Sidebar. [Yan lang kaya ng budget ko eh :P]

If she answers the phone and you get to say something to her, or you get her to reply thru text with something other than "hu u?", they get a set of cocktail drinks at Sidebar! [3 for 120++ kasi ang cocktails sa Sidebar :)]

To my dear readers who texted and called her, what can I offer as a token of my gratitude and appreciation? [Hehe, serious ba?]


Okay, something serious as the ebola virus.

A clarification: My husband is of course, at fault too.

Mas malaki nga kasalanan nya sakin kasi asawa niya ako diba?

We have talked (a bit) and exchanged email messages (writing what I have on mind is better for me than saying it because my train of thought cannot be interrupted) about what happened. Sometimes it doesn't go well, sometimes we reach some kind of understanding on why this happened AGAIN. Of course, you cannot expect me naman to be that calm about everything that has happened, so I may have hurled a few invectives and expletives and insults at him the past few weeks, ever since I discovered the "hidden" number.

An explanation: Why did I lash out at the girl, and made this evil plan of posting her number in my blog, and asking everybody to text and call her?

Dahil sa pananandya ng kukinginang bobong call-center pokpok na yan.

Only she, of all the girls with whom he had "dalliances" or "flirtations", had the nerve to proudly display proof of her "relationship" with my husband. The other girls never said a word to me, and I know of one who admitted she was a bitch for doing it. Even the ego boost last year didn't do anything after I emailed her a lot of mura [gusto daw makipagMU sa asawa ko eh, gaga ba sya?].

Because, (I hope) they knew that what they did was wrong.

But not this girl, it's like she thinks she didn't do anything wrong! And lumalaban pa talaga! It's like all my pent-up anger for the other girls exploded! I needed to channel it properly though, I didn't want to go to their office and grab the girl by the hair and drag her all over Eastwood... besides, teritoryo nya yon, ako ang matatalo don.

So, she posted Honey lyrics after the "honey" incident? Lemme post her number in my blog. Texting my husband using the word "honey" and almost ruining my La Union surfing trip? I wanted everybody to text her and ruin her mood, her work life and home life for the next couple of days.

An apology: I am really sorry that people have seen my *evil* side, being able to see my horns grow an inch every day, and my curly red tail grow longer every minute :P I do hope, with the explanation above, they will understand me.

An Appreciation: And because of that evil plan, I haven't felt the depression and melancholy I usually experience with a problem like this.

There is no pent-up anger for the girl -- all released thru the text messages of my girl friends, and I hope thru the text messages you sent dear readers :) Thank you also for your supportive comments :D

I'm having too much fun to dwell on the past. I hope the energy I get from this evil plan exercise also helps me to grab Dar by his horns and steer him to the right path of our marriage.


So. If you have nothing better to do this weekend, 09219557424 is very available for your amusement purposes :D



  1. So I guess this blog will go into the history of the blogosphere as the blog which published the cell phone number of the supposed mistress. :D Just making the situation "light".

  2. michael! did you do your part in the ring and text brigade? :)

    lynn, hahahaha!

    supposed mistress -- yep di naman siya official kabit :P

  3. Anonymous4:15 AM

    ay naku, shelly. kung andyan lang ako sa pinas, uubusin ko ang unlimited text ko sa knya (unlimited ung line ko sa smart, which my sister uses muna)! promise! pag umuwi ako ng pinas, itetext ko sya, i'll save her number. naku, kumukulo ang dugo ko sa mga tanga, boba at desperadang babae tulad nya!!

  4. Ang sabi ko lang sa text ko "hello." Sige I'll think of something more creative...Hehe. Seriously, if your hubby has done this before, you might want to rethink your relationship with him. I'm assuming you don't have kids yet? I grew up seeing my folks fight all the time over things like this. Mahirap at masakit :(

  5. cheche, kelan ka ba uwi? baka naman ibang babae na ang kelan itext non? :P

    sparks, ilang beses nang ginawa ang rethinking -- and kaya ko pa naman tong mga nangyayari, and hindi ko pa kaya na maghiwalay kami. well that is as of now :) and i stay because of the sex! hahahahha :P

    we have a 7-year old daughter pala -- so mej complicated :|

  6. Anonymous3:58 PM

    gabriella? tas vanessa? hahaha.. sorry d ko na forward sayo.. late ko na kasi nabasa eh.. forward ko sayo now? hahaha.. love you!!

  7. abi, okay fine, mejo binuko mo na si gabriella :P hehehe.

  8. hi miss yosi girl!
    i've always been a proper girl and a civil person, one who always thinks that things will be solved thru diplomacy. but with regards to your situation happening to me, aba kahit ako, i can't imagine kung ano rin ang pwede kong gawin. so kahit evil man ang ginawa mo (sabi mo kasi evil), isa lang ang masasabi ko sayo "good on you, mate!" at least napamukha mo sa girl na yan kung sino ang nasa tamang lugar... at hindi sya yun.

    ibyang :)

  9. i know it's so low of me na gumanti... pero she brought it on, and i am so bringing it to her! ahahaha :D

  10. Anonymous11:10 AM

    kumusta naman, at isa akong diamond. hahaha!

    *hugs* shelley!! let's all have faith that tomorrow will always be a better place :)

  11. Hi miss yosi girl. I enjoyed reading this post and all posts related to this Tere issue. I even clicked all the links you posted with reference to her Friendster blog.

    I soooo feel for you. I don't know how this started, either I haven't read into your blog far enough or you haven't told it. But I have been in a similar circumstance with my husband and a certain girl. I discovered text messages that were seemingly innocent, yet my instinct told me otherwise. Hubby shrugged it as 'wala lang', 'charing', 'related to work' at kung anu-ano pa. Much as my husband is a charming, sociable and ok, the flirting type, we have been together long enough (3 years married, 10 years total of being together) to trust each other. As the months past, I noticed changes - him hiding his phone, messages deleted, other small changes. It's been a series of confrontation, me voicing my fears, him assuring me that there's nothing, us fighting and making up...haaay. The very rare chance I was able to sneak into his phone (and when the messages weren't deleted yet), I found pet names too. "Baby" -- no different from honey, duh. And so much more. And oh yeah... who could forget the hidden-cel-number-by-using-another-name trick.

    Long story... but it really tested how strong our relationship was. How I thought we wouldn't survive because he hurt me so much. How I came to doubt that he ever loved me at all. And how I afraid I was that if it came down to choosing, it wouldn't be me -- yes, that's how much I doubted. And how much strength it took for me to recover.

    It became all the more harder to recover because the girl turned out to be a b*tch. As in! Kapal nya talaga. Nag text pa na she didn't care if he was married. She can be contented with what he can give her. Feeling kabit -- eh di rin naman official kabit! *Expletives so unmentionable*

    I hate how affected I was. I ignored her messages to me at first, but eventually I stooped down to her level too. Only I wasn't too brilliant in coming up with text and ring brigades. That was a really, really hands-down great idea!! Haayyy, sana nagawa ko rin yan. :) But I've been living the quiet life now. Hubby and I have dealt with each other, have said all there is to say - including fight and cry.

    I'll leave it at that nalang for the meantime. It would've been fun to mess around like you and your friends did though. :) Good one!

  12. diamond, precious friend ka kasi. naks.

    may, thank you for sharing! sabi nga nila, what doesn't kill you will only make you stronger. and i do hope both of our marriages survive this hell of a test! exag naman kasi, para bang bar exam itu? puede bang parang quiz lang nung high school? hehe.

    bakit kasi merong mga babaeng willing maging kabit?! yun lang.

  13. bakit kasi merong mga babaeng willing maging kabit?! -- it is in fact a wonder? as much as bakit kasi may mga taong commited na na naghahanap pa ng iba.

    i'm not trying to be the devil's advocate here or something. i'm go for working things out in a marriage, but the question is: how much are you willing to work out? the truth is, it's not just the other woman that wronged you, it's your husband as well. see, i don't know him at all to generalize him as someone not worthy of having you as a wife or the mother of his kid/s, but infidelity is infidelity and it takes two to do the crime.

    i totally condone extra-marital affairs. i think the worst thing one can do to another human being is to steal and/or take away happiness.

    i'm just curious, are you willing to keep the marriage?

  14. i did say in this post:

    A clarification: My husband is of course, at fault too.

    Mas malaki nga kasalanan nya sakin kasi asawa niya ako diba?

    the paradox here is, for me, he's more at fault because he's my husband, but being my husband, of course i would want to work it out with him.

    so as for the questions:

    how much are you willing to work out?

    i'm just curious, are you willing to keep the marriage?

    yes to both. i'm willing to work it out as much as i can, and keep the marriage as long as i can.

    and, for now, i still can :)

    as for the reason, love for him, and for our family :)

  15. Anonymous4:36 PM

    i totally condone extra-marital affairs. i think the worst thing one can do to another human being is to steal and/or take away happiness.

    and i do hope you mean i totally do not condone extra-marital affairs. :)

  16. i guess it get a bit more complicated when what gets involved are marriage and children.

    i've been cheated on before, left the guy flatly. cried my heart out, but never thought of wanting him to be mine again. but that's another story.

    i've been having [married] friends running to me for advice since nangyari na nga sakin. they do have kids too. i'm like, i dont know. i try to put myself into their shoes, but i cant. yes -- love and family. two things worth sacrificing everything for. everything including dignity and pride, perhaps. i'm probalby just babbling. and i don't know how to conclude this. all i can say is i applaud you for keeping your head up through this experience. prayers for even more strength to handle this situation for both you and your kid/s:D

    naki-text na ako:D

  17. and i do hope you mean i totally do not condone extra-marital affairs. :) -- oh yes, yes of course. my brain is working faster than my hands. nanggigil ako kasi when i read your posts..haha.

    now, i keep wondering what i would do if this happened to me.

  18. i guess it really depends on the person. different strokes for different folks. iba't ibang level ng deal breakers, ng comfort zone, ng pain threshold.

    haha, salamat sa pagtext :) if ever she replies, email me!

  19. Anonymous6:08 PM

    lagot siya sa akin mamaya, leche siya. hehe. anyway, naalala ko yung kinuwento sa akin ng friend ko from the same company your husband and the girl are working in right now. may asawa daw na sinugod ang mister niya sa lobby ng office dahil nahuli niya (for the second time) na nambababae. ayun, hinampas ng bote ng pabango sa ulo ang lalaki... nagamit tuloy ang medicard niya, nagpaospital ang mokong, pumutok ang ulo.

  20. hay naku pao sana nga lumipat na sya. applying pa man din for TL position, tapos mga L1 daw hahawakan. nakow.

  21. Anonymous10:41 PM

    nakow ang mga TL doon. mababait kung sa mababait eh, maloloko lang talaga. nakakaawa nga mga asawa nila eh, hindi na nila nirespeto. anyway... nasa inyong dalawa naman yan. maaayos naman yang marriage ninyo kung mapapatawad mo talaga siya at kung magbabago ba talaga siya.

  22. well, wala na akong masabi pa. hehe basta eto lang, kahit anong mangyari eh hindi tayong mahihiyang sabihin na may ginawa tayo para sa pamilya natin.

    actually, naulit lang to. naaway ko na siya at lahat sa text, pero siyempre deny to death ang lola mo kahit na huling huli na.

    tapos eto nabuhay nanaman. anong akala niya, nde ko alam ang number niya? hehehe

    btw, text ko si tere mamaya. hahaha email kita pag nagreply.

    *hugs* to you too!

  23. >>we have a 7-year old daughter pala -- so mej complicated

    iba talaga kapag may batang madadamay, ang hirap kumalas! madali lang palang sabihin, mahirap gawin. pero bilib ako sa yo, nakagawa ka pa din ng actions against the pokpok girl. hay naku... ako lang mag isang nangha harass nuon, wala akong katulong mag text/e-mail! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! pero nag let go na ko, kakaloka na e!

    oo nga pala, e-friend ako ni hazel.

  24. pao, sana talaga lumipat na sya...

    haze, we did everything we could diba? :)

    meldita, ang sarap ibuhos ang galit sa kanila hahaha!

  25. sayang nde ako nakasama sa text brig... ngaun lang ako napadaan sa blog mo

    wahhh.. malas talaga, may mga babaeng payag maging kulasisi. hindi naman sya pangit, kulang lang ata talaga sa brains ay hindi TANGA pala talaga.

    kasi kung hindi sya TANGA, mahirap yata magpretend na walang mali sa ginagawa mo kapag nakakasakit ka na ng tao sa paligid.

  26. wahhh sayang na-miss ko yung text brig, ngayon lang ulit ako napadaan sa blog mo.

    hay naku, naiimagine kong mala-tambutso ka na sa kaka-yosi dahil sa konsumisyon.

    kung bakit kasi may mga willing maging kulasisi. hindi naman sya pangit.. so kulang lang talaga sa brains, ay hindi TANGA lang talaga.

    kung hindi naman talagang TANGA eh mahirap ata mag-pretend na wlang mali sa ginagawa mo habang obviously nakakasakit ng ibang tao.

    i just hope hindi naaapektuhan ang pretty princess nyo sa nangyayari sa inyo ng hubby mo.

    good luck!

  27. Anonymous11:08 AM

    leenlang, puede ka pa naman magtext ;) hehehe.

    about the pretty princess, sana nga di sya maapektuhan with our "discussions".

  28. I really enjoyed reading ur post..
    I've been in same situation before...
    Sa sobrang gusto ko maayos ung relationship ko sa guy na sobra kong minahal.. it came to a point na I beg to the girl na cya na umiwas at lumayo na..
    Short in saying nagpakatanga ako...

    Till one day naisip ko...hanggan kelan...kung nagawa ng guy minsan magagawa at magagawa nya ulit yan...
    Ilang beses ba ulit ako kailangan masaktan bgo matuto... hanggan kelan ako magiging malakas para harapin at labanan un ganyan situation..at ipaglaban ang lalaking sa akin nmn tlg...

    Pag pray kita na makaya mo yan..

  29. @stratcolumn, ang hirap ipaglaban ang isang tao na hindi ka naman pinaglalaban noh? :( salamat sa pagdadasal :)

  30. Anonymous4:04 AM

    Hi missyosigirl, Pa join. hehehe. hay naku ung officemate ni hubby ganito rin nangyari kaasar tlga. She knows na may asawa't anak na ung guy pero pumatol pa rin sya. For me kasi sa situation na ganito mas at fault ang babae. Kasi wla naman pupuntahan dba kung ayaw din ng girl? How are you naman? I hope things are better now.