I remember that time when he gave me flowers because I was having a bad day in school. The time that he dragged me to watch a movie with him to cheer me up. And the countless phone calls he would make just so he can talk to me. And when he wanted me, he wanted me right then and there.

I miss him as my sex-crazed lover, but what I miss most about him is being my friend. Now we just mostly talk about Darice (not a bad thing, of course), menial stuff happening at work and with his friends (but of course filtered to the point that I only get nonsense stories that I couldn't relate to), and of course menial stuff happening at my work and my friends (no, not filtered, but he still can't relate).

I miss being close to him -- emotionally and physically. I usually cut my hugs short because I don't him to complain -- he's running late, wait lang, blah blah blah. Same goes with kisses -- he usually complains about his braces, or that he can't breath blah blah blah. And the sex -- sleepy, fumbling and one-way. [This is, of course, not every time we do it, but around 75% of the time lang naman]

And how emotionally distant can we be, when we're in the same room, and he's playing WoW, while I'm typing this, with tears streaming down my face, trying to hide my sniffles, just three feet from him?

Hindi na kami close :(


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    i went through the whole thing in my not so distant past and its sad.

    hope u feel better soon.

  2. isabelle, weather's not helping either haaay.

  3. Hugs, hugs, hugs...

  4. Anonymous9:37 AM

    salamat pinky :)

  5. Anonymous11:19 AM

    Sana ay temporary lang ito. *hugs*