Sing With Me: Mandy Moore's Umbrella

Don't watch the video -- Rihanna dancing in her video as the background can get really distracting.

Just listen :)

Bagay with Egay diba?

Thanks to Perez! [Di kami close ha :P]


  1. i find that song really annoying, but mandy moore actually makes it sound bearable. heh. =)

    she has one of the nicest voice around (the candy song was gawdawful tho), never was as controversial as contemporaries britney and christina -- but that's a good thing, isn't it.

    too bad people like it better when good girls turn into bitches lol.

    thanks for sharing the vid! =)

  2. hi niki :D

    i actually love hearing rihanna's umbrella - sometimes i would play it on repeat on my ipod hahahahha. i haven't gotten tired of it yet, obviously.

    yeah, mandy moore is the anti-thesis of a female pop singer nowadays. no controversies about her whatsoever no?

  3. i like it!!! better than rhianna's.. ehehhehe

  4. Anonymous11:27 AM

    Not bad! Mabuhay si Mandy!

  5. love mandy moore talaga :)