Don't be so bland, my dear husband

Okay bad rhyme.

Lookee what I bought for my husband:


And lookee what he said about it:

Pambahay ko lang 'to ha?

Okay fine, my husband rarely buys shirts with big prints. He's into the safe designs (the one he sees na common among other guys I guess) and safe colors (blue and black) -- it's a miracle he even put the shirt on for that picture wehehehe.

Anyhoo, I guess that shirt is mine :D


The shirt was bought at Store For All Seasons and made by Proud Race. You can have your own rhymes printed and made to order at the Proud Race Multiply site.

I'm thinking of giving the shirts as gifts... I just have to think of an appropriate rhyme for their names though.

And of course, I want to have my own shirt printed, either using my online moniker or my real name. I've already thought of some:

make my
toes curl

still a

give me
some booze
dela cruz

[pagbigyan nyo na ako sa pangalawang rhyme weheheheh]

Can you think of more rhymes for my names? How about for your own name? :)

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