Books for the Long Weekend!

New Books!

I was able to buy the two new PostSecret books at Fully Booked in Serendra (thanks Toni!). And finally saw a copy of Eat, Pray and Love, and I bought that too because I've wanted to have a copy ever since I read BuzzSugar's review.

But I still have these books to read:

Books for the year

Yeah. Long weekend not enough, I know.


  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    unahin mo si nick hornby. maganda yung high fidelity, pramis


  2. ay actually nabasa ko na! :D i got to watch the movie first though, so habang binabasa ko, john cusack image na si rob. hehe.

  3. Anonymous5:51 PM

    Maganda ba yun Eat Pray Love? I have that too pero I haven't started on it. :D Pag nabasa mo na, let me know how it was naman! :) I also have stacks of books to read pa.

  4. haven't started it yet toni... i haven't even started browsing the postsecret books eh!

    uy thanks pala for the info that fully booked has the new postsecret books :D