Before the year ends...

A couple more hours and 2007 comes to a close.

Whenever the last day of the year rolls around, I tend to remember more of the shit I've put up with the past year. It' like, "Thank God that's over", and I cry and bitch around why the hell did I let that happen to me, or what did I do to deserve such treatment, or why the fuck did that happen to me?!

And today is no exception.

[Especially since two days ago, my hubby just can't quit his CHARMING ways -- na wala lang naman daw, pero ang "wala lang" hindi dinedelete, leche ka. (Fine, I'm at fault too, I'm a snoop).]

Whew, enough about that.

So, instead of bitching that 2007 sucked the hell out of me, lemme give out my thanks to people who made my 2007 suck less.

To my friends, I know that you want to bang my head against the wall sometimes, but you all still got my back, diba? :) You know who you are... the ones I call when I'm on a verge of nervous breakdown ... the ones I drag to Sidebar on random Wednesday nights (my night! hahahah)... the ones who chill with me at Starbucks during lunch... the ones who accepted me as an evil bitch monster ... and also the ones who I rarely see yet who cares enough to ask about me.

You were my happy and beauty pills, my rocks, my source of other-worldly enjoyment in my otherwise bleak bleak world.

Thank you.

To my family, who are only at the sidelines now but I know will wreak havoc upon anyone or anything that will make me unhappy, as long as I let them :P

My invisible support, my last resort, where I will always be welcome.

Thank you.

To my dear blog readers -- we've been an interactive bunch this year, eh? Thank you for the support in the text brigade -- frankly, ayoko na sana na meron pa ulit this new year diba? I knew I wanted my readers' support with regards to that event, but I never expected the way it would turn out. It was F-U-N with a capital bitch diba? Hahahah. And not only for that, but most importantly your comforting words of wisdom and the experiences you've shared over comments and emails that you've sent me, and for your prayers.

You guys are my cheerleaders from all over the intarwebs.

Thank you.

To you, my hubby. I told you this lang kanina, that you made my 2007 suck the hell out of me. Okay fine, there were times that you rocked my world, mostly in bed ;), can we just agree that you broke my heart several times this year? But if you didn't, then I wouldn't know how my much my friends and family and blog readers care about me. I wouldn't know how strong I am (for enduring your infidelities), and yet, I wouldn't also know how weak I am (for staying with you).

You are my favorite mistake... my biggest heartbreak... the love of my life.

Thank you.

And to my darling daughter, Darice, the light of my life. I don't think I can write anything here that will encapsulate how important you were and always be in my life. I love you my baby.

Without you, I would've lost all reason.

Thank you.


And so, firecrackers are already going off tonight.

I hope the bad stuff that happened in 2007 go off in smoke with those firecrackers.

And the good stuff of 2007 shine and sparkle with those firecrackers too.


Goodbye 2007!

Thank you and good riddance!


  1. 2007 really sucks!

    Here's to a brighter 2008 for all of us!

  2. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Happy New Year Shelley

  3. haha, meldita, then welcome 2008! woohoo!

    michael, miss na kita! happy new year, too!