I went gaga over my holga

As I Twitted a few weeks ago, I got myself a Holga starter kit.

Well, it wasn't really *me* who ordered and got it from the seller. Abi and I asked Joy to contact Jennie to order the Holga starter kits for Abi and I, while Joy was going for the Fisheye no. 2 camera. Joy met up with Jennie one weekend and voila, the next Monday, we all went loco over our lomos :D

Good thing Joy sold me another roll of film because I made a few mistakes with the first roll. I know you're going to say you can't really *make* a mistake with a lomo camera, but how about taking a picture with the lens cap on eh? :P

And for the first roll, the camera was set to take 16 shots, but the mask I was using was the 6x6 mask, which means I should have the camera set to 12 shots only, therefore my first roll had overlapping frames. Eh art na lang kunyari yon. Hahahah.

And so the pics from the first roll.

Beer in the office gives me the shakes
The first shot evah! Yevah!

The overlapping frames are more noticeable in the next few shots:

I don't remember what happened here anymore. Definitely sure took a picture of the girls during our stint at Astoria. And I think I may have tried taking a picture of myself in front of the mirror (kaya ayan, kita ang flash hehe).

Horizontally and Vertically Joy :)
With this one, I was taking shots horizontally and vertically, of Abi and Joy. Again, when we stayed at Astoria.

Me on green checks
Experimenting again, taking shots of myself. Don't mind the hangover look. And the hideous green checkered bed sheet.

The gift
Taking pics of hubby's gift to me, all wrapped up in it's purple wrapper and denim-style gift card. Picturan ko daw kasi bago ko buksan, proud ang lolo nyo sa gift nya sakin :P [It's a tripod btw]

How appropriate the shirt
For the last frame of the first roll, a simple shot of me and hubby. Nice shirt noh? :P [It says, "TRUST ME", and I was the one who bought it for him eons ago]

For the second roll, I tried to be more careful. Using the 6x6 mask, I set the cam to take 12 shots so that overlapping will not occur anymore. And I tried to remember to wind the film after something I would shoot. I felt I went over doing the multi-exposure technique with my first roll. And I was determined to use the bulb setting na rin.

Now this is what you call game face
Kinda proud of this because I remembered to wind the film after! Ahahaha, so it's just my game-faced sis in the pic.

Darice and my cousins, her bestfriends. Yes, multi-exposure pa rin. I had them change positions pa nga for the full effect.

Abi Mae
Eto, I forgot to wind the film. After taking pics of my sis, she took pics of me naman. Eh since I forgot to wind nga the film, I took a pic of the PLG when we went out last week, so ayan, napatong ang mukha ni Abi sa mukha ko. Appropriately so, since people have a habit of calling me Abi, and her Mae :P

The next few shots are from the late Christmas party of my high school barkada. Perfect time to take lomo pics because lots of people, lots of alcohol, and lots of laughs :D

Drink drink!



Aya Tequila

Guess who got shenglot eh? Hehehhe.


And that's it. All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with the way my shots turned out, as I am still a Holga n00b and all.

Next goal is to use normal 35mm using the Holga to have the pictures coming out like this and this.

Kewlness noh?

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