This time I'll be sweeter....

I've been meaning to write about two very important decisions I made this month but as it goes, December was and is always a very, very, very busy month. Last post was 19 freaking days ago... I can't believe I didn't post for more than two weeks! [Sorry for those who commented on the Pass the Cheer post, you'll get the card and gift next year na :( Sorry!!!!]

Okay so here it goes...


I was given the opportunity to take on a bigger responsibility at work.

Then I was also given more than enough reason to give up on D.

I was, to put it mildly, ecstatic over the opportunity.

I was, also to put it mildly, disappointed with his actions.

Both were chances to improve myself -- professionally and personally.

I wanted to accept.

I wanted to leave. [So what's new, eh? :P]

But why do I want to accept?

Yes, it's a great opportunity.

But do I accept because it's a new project and it's a completely different role?

Why do I want to leave?

Yes, it's another reason in a long list of reasons.

But do I leave in a rush?

I needed to get ready.

I wanted to be ready.

It doesn't mean if I stay in my current project as a team leader that I won't improve my skills. Or that I won't prepare myself to take on a bigger role. Or that I won't accept another opportunity later on.

It doesn't mean if I stay with him that I'm being a martyr. Or that I won't prepare for my departure. Or that I won't leave.

So I didn't accept.

And I stayed.

But this time, I'll be.... [well, I'm keeping this one to myself for now ;)]


Okay ba ang analogy? :P

The "reason" happened Monday, and the "opportunity" given the next day. Matinding soul searching ng Wednesday, and by Thursday morning, I was ready with my decision.

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