Pass the Cheer!

[title borrowed from the tagline of Starbucks Christmas drinks and planner promo]


So, I was feeling not so good yesterday. [What's new, right?]

Oooh, then I saw a new feed in my Google reader.

Oh, hey it's from Toni.

Heeeeeeeey, it's a Christmas tag!

:D Toni, I must say my mood really perked up when I read your post :D

And since I was first first first first first to comment, I am now more than qualified to pass on the cheer and offer the same meme/tag to you my dear readers.

Before the end of 2007, I will send a card and physical gift to each of the first five people who comment here. The catch? Each person must make the same offer on her/his blog.

Cheers! :D

[For the image, everything from Shabbyprincess]


  1. first! first!


  2. fakit. fine. hahaha.

    email mo kung san ko send ang gift and card :)

  3. Anonymous3:36 AM

    did i make it?! did i make it?!

  4. leenlang and pao, you both made it :D please email me na lang your contact details :)

  5. Anonymous5:55 AM

    pede ba kong sumali, bwehehehe!

  6. ate kai sure ba, pero dapat ipost mo rin sa blog mo! may blog ka? :D

  7. Anonymous7:06 PM

    mommy shell,

    mukhang abot pa ko hehe :-D and pwede bang wag ko na to gawin sa blog ko? nyaks! pero il try il try... once i get things sorted out! hehe :-D

    see you next time!

    take care and GODBLESS!

    - dae

  8. dae :D email me the address where i'll send the gift and card :)

  9. Anonymous5:18 PM

    super late comment.

    This is nice, I'll post this on my blog too. I hope you don't mind.


  10. shet. kautangan! di ko na-mail sa kanila gifts ko! :(

    i'll make it up to you guys this year, i swear!

    @pampoy no prob :D sana hindi ka maging tulad ko na hindi nagawa yung gift part ng meme/tag. hehehe.