The Strength of a Man

I got this from God-knows-where so if the author is reading this by some coincidence, contact me and I'll give the necessary acknowledgments :)

The strength of a man isn't seen in the width of his shoulders --
It's in the width of his arms that circle you.

The strength of a man isn't in the deep tone of his voice --
It is in the gentle words he whispers.

The strength of a man isn't just in how many buddies he has --
It's most admirably how good a buddy he is with his kids.

The strength of a man isn't just in how respected he is at work --
It's most importantly how respected he is at home.

The strength of a man isn't in how hard he hits --
It's in how tender he touches.

The strength of a man isn't in the hair on his chest --
It's in the heart...that lies within his chest.

The strength of a man isn't how many women he's loved --
It's in his loyalty to one woman.

The strength of a man isn't in the weight he can lift --
It is in the burdens he can carry.


For you, who has many "friends", who is "respected" at work, who hits hard (physically, and emotionally with your words and actions) and who gets off having the attention of cheap women, I hope you realize how weak you are.

And although you have wronged me in the past, it is only now that I will look down on you. Because I've never seen you as illogical, as immature, as shallow, as egotistic and as pathetic as you are now.

And if I ever told you "I miss you" lately, know that it is not the YOU that you are now, but the you who I thought I married.


  1. awww. this is really sad. nalungkot ako. :(

    this will be a good note to accompany your plan.

    hoping the best for you. i'm sure you'll be fine. :)

  2. Shells,

    Hello, I don't know if you remember me but I do remember having dinner with you and your (then non-yet) hubby at Chateu Verde with my (then) fiance. I know much has happened in your life since that night but I wanted to say that I saw a loving couple in front of me. I am praying for you, that you remain as strong and beautiful as you were when I first knew you. Whatever is meant to happen, sana it will turn out for the best para sa lahat ng involved... lalo na ikaw. =)


  3. drei, malungkot talaga :(

    yep, it's something to remind me to go on with the plan :)

    thanks drei *hug*

  4. kass, haller of course i remember you!!!! :D hanube! ilang taon lang ang dumaan, makakalimutan ko ba naman ang pinagdaanan natin online? ;)

    I saw a loving couple in front of me.

    i know... and i'm still trying to understand what happened and things turned out the way they did.

    thank you dear. sana magkita tayo uli *hug*

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Like ko ito!!!


  6. Anonymous5:55 PM

    nakakalungkot naman! hope you're ok!!! hang in there! hugs.

  7. good luck with this chapter of your life. whether you decide to forgive him and work things out or leave him for good. for the former though, it's one thing that you want to forgive him and start over taking along your love for him and your daughter, but it's another thing that he WANTS to be forgiven.

    my prayers for you and your little girl.

  8. just saw this link. Nice pic in the link.

    it's been a while, shelley... i hope you're doing fine.

  9. aisen, shucks, di ko na naemail sayo yung chris pike na ebook ko na kaisa-isa :( sorry talaga.

    hehe, hunkababe ang nasa pic sa link ha ;)

    i know, tagal na tayo hindi nagkaabutan online. hope you're doing fine down under :D