I should be so lucky

So the company sportsfest is in full swing again.

Dubbed as Olimpiadas, team names were derived from the Greek gods, namely Athena, Ares, Apollo, Hera, Hephaestus, Hestia, Poseidon and Zeus.

[Andami noh?!? To think, during my first sportsfest with the company, we only had four teams.]

And as I previously twitted, I'm very happy with my team, Poseidon. Weheheheh.

Me and Poseidon
See, I'm so happy to be with Poseidon. Wehehehe. Of course, Poseidon in picture is not the reason for me to be happy with Poseidon. Labo ahahahaaha.


Although, for the first time, I won't be team mates with the MVP =O So, I thought, maybe I don't have to play basketball anymore. But then, for the past two basketball seasons, our women's basketball team have always won the championship. And so I was thinking, is it just MVP bringing our teams to the championship?

Or maybe it's me?!? Ahahahah!!!!

Anyhoo, so I still signed up for basketball -- to get a jersey and to see if it was MVP's skills or my luck bringing us to the championship. Wehehehehe.


I don't really know if I'm lucky by myself or MVP has something to do with my luck because every time MVP is in the perimeter radius (like within 5 meters), I go ahead and be, you know, sporty.

I get sporty and I win pa!

Take a look at this:

Tugging and Warring

Can you like effing think I would play for a tug-of-war game?!? Although yes, with the weight factor and all, but I'm like, a weakling for crying out loud.

But guess who was in the perimeter radius then? Ahahahaha, yup, MVP was there cheering me on :P And yeah, Poseidon won the tug-of-war! :D


Okay so that was for the opening events. How about the sport that really matters, basketball?

We won our first game (against my sister's team pa)! But I didn't play because I was feeling sick then.

But the MVP was in the perimeter radius because she was playing in the other half-court. Hehehehe. And their team won too! Because I was there. Ahahahaha.

For our second game, I played na -- kelangan kasi babayaran yung jersey if I don't play a certain number of games eh weheheheh. May nang-foul pa sakin and may-I-free-throw pa ako. Wala, olats. Andami ko rin attempts na hindi man lang tumatama sa board yung bola -- either too short or too long hahahahha. In furness, I think I have some rebounds naman, para saan pa ang tangkad and laki ko kung di ko gagamitin yun sa ilalim. Naks. Parang kala mo marunong talaga magbball eh :P

Yep, we won. Yep, MVP was in the other half court again. And yep her team won too :P


Although I told MVP to be in the perimeter radius lang palagi because my sporty powers are activated by her presence. Let's see what happens if I don't get to watch her play or she doesn't get to watch me play. Hmmm.

Or what if our teams go against each other for the championship?!?! Ayun dun na magkakaalaman kung talagang skills ni MVP or ang swerte ko ang gumagana sa basketball. Hehehehe.

And I'm stating this now, if Poseidon wins the women's basketball championship, manlilibre talaga ako! Ako kasi talaga ang swerte! :D


Okay, so I may be lucky in sports, but I was having the worst of luck last Wednesday morning.

So, I have been using a borrowed phone from D's stepdad for the past few weeks because D thought it was such a mature thing to do to throw my N91 against the wall when we had that falling out last January.

The stepdad then texted me last Wednesday morning that my MIL needed the phone to use with her Sun line. [They moved-in to the house that the MIL was building for D and I, but then since I was thinking of moving out with Darice, the in-laws were the ones who moved in sa new house na.] And that I should leave the phone right then and there so that their helper can pick it up later in the morning.


And I don't know why but I was filled with extreme hate and rage for D, sending him a hate message first before I took out my sim from the borrowed phone. I wouldn't be having phone problems in the first place if he didn't wreck my phone, and has the decency to at least replace it diba??! Aaaaaargh. So that's basically what I wrote in the hate message. And that I wanted to wreck his bulok phone that he only uses to text his flirt-mates and officemates. And that I hated him. Lech.


So no phone to use. I was running late, because I forgot my coin purse which held all my money, which was only enough for a cab to work, so I had to withdraw pa. Then manong cab driver said it was okay to pass thru the new flyover to Libis, since he saw on his way that it was smooth sailing there already, but then it was like bumper to bumper already when we got there. Then when we got to Meralco Gate 3 it was bumper to bumper traffic also, so I got off there. But then when I was paying him, he had no small bills so I had to run to the "bigasan" so I can have change and when I was going back to pay him the compound shuttle was well, already shuttling off. Waaaaaah! So I walked from Gate 3 to our building, which was a 15-minute walk for me :(

Ka.ma.la.san. Super.


But then if you saw me later in the morning, you wouldn't believe I was having the worst of luck.

Because I was smiling from ear-to-ear, playing with my new Nokia 6300 :D

Okay okay, so you're thinking whaaaaaaaaaat how when why?

Hehehehe, an officemate was selling a phone that she got thru the retention plan of her Smart line. Abi was considering buying it but she's a Globe user, and the phone was locked to Smart, and she didn't want to have it unlocked pa. She was supposed to return it na the night before, but then she didn't, and she had it with her pa that morning, and so baaaaaaaam, ako na lang bibili! 6K only, and can be paid in installments for the next 6 months. How's that for luck? ;)

[Bakit kasi di ko naisip na bilhin yon dati pa? Kasi walang 3G. Eh beggars can't be choosers na eh, wag na maginarte diba? Besides the Nokia 6300 naman is super vast improvement to the borrowed phone, and it's interface is like my N91. Kaya di ko na masyado namimiss ang N91 ko kasi parang reincarnated lang sya ngayon sa 6300 :D]


Yes, terribly unlucky with cab drivers, traffic and lovers.

But so, so, so lucky with friends.


  1. Anonymous8:30 PM

    6k only?! 6-part installment pa?! panalo! :D

    natawa naman ako - naappreciate mo na din pla ang rebounds sa isang bball game. hehehe :P

    height is might talaga dba? ;)

  2. @leenoh hahaha, wag mong isipin na parang talagang rebounder ako ha. nakikisama lang ako dun sa mga players na nasa ilalim hehehe.

  3. Anonymous7:16 AM

    buti pa kayo at ang company nyo, marunong mag laro at mag team building. mantakin mo namang the first and only company outing/sports activity/teambuilding paintball daw? di nga ako sumama (KJ). Me bakante ba jan sa inyo?

  4. @bambit awww. hirap nga non, pano kung di lahat gusto magpaintball?

    email mo sakin resume mo hehe.

  5. "Yes, terribly unlucky with cab drivers, traffic and lovers.

    But so, so, so lucky with friends."


    so, panalo nga ba kayo? hehehe. =)

  6. @haze, hindi pa nga tapos elims eh. baka april pa nga championships. hehe.