10 Recent Things That Made Me Happy

So it's been, what, 16 days since my last blog post?!?

Anyways, so that I can finally update, and with a cheerful post at that, I'm answering Aggie's happy tag.

Okay, I hope this won't be too hard as I am trying really really really hard to battle an emotional breakdown because of my wayward hormones. Kelangan labanan ang hormones ngayong gabing ito... PMS BEGONE!

1. Guitar Hero 3!!! Here's the list of my favorite songs from the game.

2. And in relation to #1: 100% on When We Were Young by The Killers at Medium level! Woohoo! Beat that, D! Ahahaha, competitive!

3. And in relation to #2 hahaha, getting to play Rock the 80's at my parents' place! I missed "playing" Synchronicity II and Turning Japanese so much :D

4. Learned to "cook" french toast by using PinoyCook's recipe :) Well not to the letter because I stuffed mine with cheese lang. I failed the first sandwich, but then, I got better at it! Hahaha. And best thing was, Darice loved them so much, she asked for another batch that same day. Naks.

5. There's a big chance we'll be going to HK this April, during Darice's birthday weekend :) Thanks to my MIL! [The initial offer was SG and I was like ngek no waaaay. So when she offered HK na lang, game na!]

6. And in relation to #5, also a big chance that I might get to have my own dSLR na! Yippee! Bakit in relation to #5? Kasi sa HK ko bibilhin, hehehehe.

Okay four more to go... this shouldn't be too hard. Hmmm.

7. Kinda-sorta spring cleaning. Organized my books and clothes (mejo color-coded pa! Ha!). Storing my accessories is another story though -- they're all strewn about on top of my dresser.

8. Across the Universe... although I'm like 1/4 into the film pa lang.

Para bang I'm grasping at straws na? Ahahaha.

9. Ooooh oooh, The Killers' Mr. Brightside. Reminded me of *him* hihihihi.

10. Chuck Bass. Love love love love him!!!


Yey that's it! Happy happy joy joy! :D

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