Hongkong, Second Day: Typhoon Signal Number 3

And so it came to pass that on our scheduled trip to Disneyland, a typhoon decided to wreak havoc in Hongkong.

Okay, okay, "wreak havoc" is too strong a word.

But well, let's just have the pictures from the day.

Darice hamming it up
Darice hamming it up during breakfast. Good thing we had her bring her jacket and her hat.

bleak bleak HK
Look how bleak the city was. It was NOT a day to go out on tour. But we had to, because it was already paid for with our package.

Rainy day :(
Really really depressing.

Going down
Somewhere near the Avenue of the Stars.

I want a hot coffee on this cold rainy day :(
Starbucks! I was so considering getting myself a venti latte, but we can't bring in drinks inside the bus.

your hat might fly off darice
Good thing Darice didn't have tantrums that day. Even though it was just rain rain rain everywhere.

windy day for a tour
Mahangin ba sa labas? :P

After this, the tour guide said "no cameras please"
At the jewelry factory. I took out my camera because I saw other people taking pictures. As soon as I took this picture, the tour guide saw me and had me arrested. Heh. Kidding.

happiest place on earth? more of wettest place in HK that day
At Disneyland. It was almost deserted. We had no choice but go because tickets were non-refundable. Kainez.

raincoats at the cafe
Look, raincoats! Me wanted one as soon as I saw people wearing them. Ehehehe.

Going into the It's a Small World ride
Going into "It's A Small World" ride. The only rides and shows open were the indoor ones. We weren't able to see any parade or outdoor show.

Me and Darice in our raincoats :)

Our space mountain picture
Our Space Mountain paparazzi shot. Darice looks pretty scared but she wanted to ride again.

with buzz lightyear!
Buzz Lightyear was the only Disney character we had a picture with. Ang sad. Ehehehe.

Thank you for visiting -- even though it was typhoon signal no. 3!"Thank you for visiting even though you got soaked to your bones!"

Obviously, even though we still had a good time, I was still very disappointed. I wanted Darice to see the shows. I wanted her to ride the boat through the jungle. I wanted her to see the Princesses. I wanted her to see the fireworks! I had such the best time when I went to Disneyland in California when I was 10 years old.. and I wanted her to experience that too.

Aaaargh. Nakaka-frustrate lang.

I guess I was more frustrated than Darice was. She was such an angel that day -- didn't complain at all. She had fun with the puddles, splashing me and her Papa :P She also had fun shopping :P

I guess it wasn't that bad, but I just wanted more for her, y'know? :)

Now, I have to save up AGAIN so that we can go to Hongkong AGAIN so we can go to Disneyland AGAIN. Ehehehe.

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