Hongkong, Third Day: Walking all over the Place

After a tiring day of fighting rain and wind at Disneyland, I was seriously praying the skies would clear enough so that Darice can enjoy her birthday.

And yey, it did!

So with our trusty HK map, we decided to visit stores in Granville Road, Nathan Road, and all the other roads in between. Heh.

Our first stop was Granville Road.

Granville RoadGranville Road

Factory outlets can be found there, and we started our shopping with 2 for 50HKD and 3 for 100HKD deals.

At an outlet store

And then we found ourselves at Park Lane in Nathan Road. An ice cream break was essential as we were getting tired already :P

having ice cream break from all the shopping

And then we walked some more, ate at McDonald's for lunch, then walked some more and shopped some more!

At a sportshouse store

And then we went home to rest. We planned to go to the Avenue of the Stars that night to view the Symphony of Lights. And we were just going to walk, so we needed to rest our tired shopping feet.

Because I am fickle-minded and indecisive, I didn't know what to buy during our shopping. Can you imagine, me, not being able to decide what to shop for?!? Anyways, it's because I found an awesome pair of purple Chucks, but I was thinking, hmmm, will I be wearing them a lot? And I couldn't decide on a jacket to buy! And Darice and D already had new jackets. I wanted a new jacket too :(

And so before we walked all the way to the Avenue of the Stars, we went back to the sport stores, and found myself a jacket. Hehe.

in the 'hood

That's me and Darice in our new hoods. Heh.

It was a long long long long walk to the Avenue of the Stars. Feeling ko nilakad ko hanggang Quiapo. From Antipolo. Hahah. Exag.

Anyhoo, so we waited for the light show to begin, where else, but at Starbucks.

Starbucks pa rin hanggang HK :P

And of course we took pictures. Of ourselves. Hehe.

Darice and I at Starbucks waiting for the Symphony of LightsDarice and I at Starbucks waiting for the Symphony of LightsDarice and I at Starbucks waiting for the Symphony of Lights

Then the light show started, and we walked to the harbour for a better view.

People watching the Symphony of LIghts

Darice at the harbour

The Harbour at night

Then we walked back to our hotel [we were all about walking that day, hence, the blog title ;)], grabbed some KFC and packed our stuff for our last day in HK.


  1. Ay nakakamiss ang HK!!!!!!! Oo nga panay rin ang lakad namin when we were there. Exercise!

  2. miss ko na HK!!!

    though ang peyborit ko dyan are the museums and parks!!!

    Mec of Hope This Helps You

  3. toni and mec, ako rin miss ko na HK hahahahha :))

    pero nek time na. when i have money to spend. hehehe.