Hongkong, Last Day: Ocean Park and Goodbye HK

And so it came, our last day in Hongkong.

It was so hard to fit all our shopping loot and pasalubong and dirty clothes into three bags! I wasn't OC enough to roll na lang the clothes instead of folding them, tsk. Oh well, at least everything was packed into their respective bags. Hehehe.

We then left our luggage at the hotel lobby, for a quick trip to Ocean Park before our 6pm flight.

Ocean Park Entrance
At the Ocean Park EntranceDarice and me - Peace! :P
Hmmm. So where do we go first?
At the park's entrance.
The tour guide gave us time to take pictures muna sa entrance. So eto naman kami ni Darice, feeture-feeture lang hehehe.

Eating PandaDarice and a Panda
Darice and a hippopotamusDarice and an alligator
Darice and two zebrasDarice and the ocean park dolphin
And so we entered the park and saw pandas, a hippopotamus, an alligator, two zebras and a weird-looking dolphin.

The Cable Cars
Nagkukulitang DsDarice in the cable car
Darice and me in the cable car
Then we rode a cable car to get to the other side of the park.
Hindi rin pala ganon kalapit. It took a while before we got to the top eh.

Tree Trash canballoon ride? :P
wall climbingDarice in the frog hopper -- so high!
Darice then tree-hugged, rode a balloon, wall-climbed and went on a frog-hop ride!

where's nemo?
Some fish I don't know -- purple kasi eh
albino frog?
Then there were lots of Nemo's, jelly-fishing, a purple fish, and albino frogs!

Ocean Park Escalator
Then it was time to go home.

And just like that, the HK trip was over.

Watch out for one last HK post, for some lessons learned from our trip :)

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  1. waw ang ganda ulit. sana makapunta ako jan =)