Back to Baler, Part 1: Dibulalan and Dicasalarin Island

The trip takes 8 hours.

4 hours of which are on the steepest rough roads ever.

On the bus to BalerOn the bus to Baler

And the bus is masikip, filled to the brim with surfboards.

But then, when you get there, you see this:

Baler beach in the afternoon

Baler beach in the afternoon

Baler beach in the afternoon

Ay, I tell you, the 8 hour trip is soooo worth it. That you might want to go back there again and again and again (diba Abi? :P).


Two years ago, we already went to Baler, although it was only an overnight trip, so all we did then was swim, sunbathe, eat, swim, sunbathe, sleep, swim, eat and drink lots of tequila :P All of them were a lot thinner then. Good thing chubby nako non. Hahahaha :))

For this year, in addition to the sleeping, swimming, sunbathing, eating and drinking, we decided to add trekking and surfing to our itenerary, as we had 4 days and 3 nights to the all of that! Weeeh!



This island is around 30-45 minutes boat ride from Baler to Dibulalan. MVP wanted us to see the falls there, which was about a 10-minute trek from the shore. Also, we were going to eat lunch there, so we brought along some fish and eggplants and itlog na maalat to prepare for our lunch.

MVP and Tar had already gone there a few years back, but for the younger ones, aka me, Abi, MJ and Aivee (yeah, kasama kami ni MJ sa younger ones :P), it was our first time, so imagine our glee when we finally arrived at the island!

It was like our own private paradise!

Our own island!


After swimming, underwater pictorials and reading, we then had our requisite pyramid picture :P

Baler pyramid!!!

And then it was time to go to the falls. *gulp*

Everyone who knows me is aware of the fact that I am not an athletic person at all. So when "trekking" is involved, I would be the first one to say, "Hell, no to the N-O!". But then, I was with my sporty athletic friends, and well, yeah they bring out my athletic side, so away I went to see the falls :)

Proof that I am as sporty as I can be:

Up...Up... and...
Away....!are we there yet?!?

Cellulite alert! Do not click on the pics above! :P

And then finally, after ten thousand years, we were finally there!

Weeh falls!  with kuya Joel

At sapagkat nakakagutom ang paglalakad, pagbalik namin sa aming "camp" nilantakan na namin ang isda, talong at itlo na maalat na niluto para samin ng aming mga butihing boys! :D [Nag-Tagalog na noh? Mas bagay eh! Ehehehehe.]

Yey lunch!

Funny thing was, the boatmen and our guides brought gin to enjoy during lunch (well, before and after lunch too :P). So by the time we got back from the trek, our lead boatman, Roman, was already drunk. And he was a happy drunkard, as he kept greeting MVP a happy birthday, and rolling about the stream in the island shouting "Ang sarap! Parang wala akong asawa!"

Roman kept us drunk with his antics :P

Okay, so we packed up, and went to one side of the island to go see another falls. Grabe na ha, nachallenge talaga ang physical abilities ko!

Lalo na when I saw the falls, I was like, "How the effing hell?!?"

We're going up there!?

But then, in spite of the slippery rocks, we finally did it!

Waterfall pic :D
Yey, the girls!Me, Abi and Aivee (with Ruel) near the fallsRoommates, cousins, and idols ;)Me and TarTar, MJ and Lory under the falls

And so we headed to Dicasalarin Island next.


This island is only a few minutes away from Dibulalan.

Deserted Dicasalarin Island

Another island paradise - Dicasalarin

Dicasalarin Island

Perfect place to quietly catch some rays and have the best tan evah!

We only had around an hour or so in the island. While I was having my sketch made by the artist Joel, they had a time drinking fresh buko juice (Roman, our drunk boatman picked tons of buko!) and cooling off in the stream.

If Dibulalan was all about the trek, then Dicasalarin was all about relaxing :)


It was, undoubtedly, the most memorable experience I've ever had with my girls.

I was able to streeeeeeeeeeetch my physical abilities by doing all those climbing and trekking and walking to see those falls.

And then Abi and I shared a bosom buddy moment back in Dibulalan which makes me giggle up to this day. (Abi sorry! Ahahahah)

I remember MJ wrecking the boat when she climbed in, after all the other bigatens have already climbed aboard, ahahaha!

And then of course, Roman, with his drunk birthday greetings and non-stop cussing ("Gagoh! Boh-boh! Kurimaw!" -- yes with an H, may H talaga yung pagkakasabi nya eh!!!). Ang sarap isama lalo na if isa sa inyo may birthday, hahahaha!

One of the best. summer. trips. evah.


  1. Dahil sa moment naten, dun ko narealize na for life ang friendship naten.. like wala na ko choice kelangan for life kitang friend.. aahahahhaha

    It was fun fun fun!! And definitley I'll go back! (I already did na pala eheheh).. Thanks for the memories.. naks! ehehehe


  2. Anonymous4:18 PM

    panalo ang blow by blow... sa uulitin.. sana chubby na ako by then!

  3. abi ganon, wala kang choice?! ako rin wala rin akong choice minsan pag nagrereplay sa utak ko ang ating moment!!! :P

    mj at sana ikaw pa rin ang makasira ng boat! ahahahahah!

  4. Makikiyosi din ako ha..
    ang ganda naman ng pinuntahan nyo nakakaingit. =)

  5. maganda talaga dyan tentay! kelangan lang may tiyaga ka sa walong oras na biyahe :D

  6. congrats for winning anton's awesome contest!!!

    nagyayaya na nga sa baler si don anton,

    hope to see you and roman there ",)

  7. hi spanx, congrats din sayo :D

    haha, good luck with roman!!! gin bilog pala ang drink of choice nya hehehe.