Back to Baler, Part 2: Random Fun-ness!

Gawd, what a delayed post. Part 1 was like almost a month ago. As usual, life got in the way of blogging. I wanted to stop at part 1 na nga lang sana, pero that would be bitin right?


So aside from all the trekking and island hopping, what else is there to do in Baler?

Why, surf of course!

Okay, I have tried surfing in La Union last year, and lemme just say, the surf board and I are not that friendly towards each other. It had the gall to tell me that I should lose weight first before I'll be able to stand on it! The nerve! :P

So, while they were trying to stand up on the board...

Yey! Go go go!

...and then wiping out...


...I was making my own fun with the waves...

Woohoo! Waves!



Drinking was de rigueur at night, and I don't mean drinking water (or the Kool-Aid). And together with drinking (rhum coke, vodka orange, gin sprite), we had to choose one and only one from the following options:

sunset or sunrise? chest or butt? be a chubby cup C or a stick-thin cup A? ipagpalit ka sa babae or ipagpalit ka sa lalaki? asawang nambababae o asawang nambubugbog? athletic na tanga or matalinong pilay? BO or halitosis? cup D na walang nipples or cup A na mala-mongol eraser ang nipples? top or bottom? be blind or be deaf-mute? dominant or submissive? flowers or chocolates? sadist or masochist? and of course, the never-ending question: the one you love or the one who loves you?

My answers:

sunrise, butt, chubby cup C, sa lalaki, nambababae, matalinong pilay, BO, cup D, top, deaf-mute, submissive, chocolates, masochist, the one I love.

There were more options laid out of course, but they're too many to mention (ala slum book). You can just imagine, with 6 girls, drinking alcohol and answering these kinds of questions, how "interesting" our night time conversations were those three nights. Hehe.


Well, they say pictures paint a thousand words, so I hope these pictures will make up for the non-kuwento :P

kaitiminan hehehe
Who's the darkest of them all? :P

Yeah, food!
Waiting for our mid-afternoon drinks

Our yosi and our lighter, so sozyal noh?
Our one and only lighter went on the fritz kasi.

The idols
Palakihan ng braso itu :P

Our drinks for the night
Our de rigueur drinks

Nice afternoon for a surf
Makes you want to be a beach bum na lang for the rest of your life noh?

Me and a bukoWeeeh, underwater pic!
Resting on the beach under a shadeAgain, me
And of course, I had to camwhore :D

And that's that!

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