Lago de Oro

Finally, after like ten thousand years, I was able to go to an out-of-town trip with my high school besties! And since EVERYBODY was bringing their significant others, I asked D to come also. Ma-o-OP ako eh :P

Well, later on in this post, you'll find out why I brought him along :P


Lago de Oro is apparently synonymous to wakeboarding. At first I was hesitant about the place because hello, I'm like the sportiest person ever diba? Okay, NOT! So what am I supposed to do there?

Well, may beach naman din pala, hindi lang yung lake for the water sports. Whew.

The plan for the afternoon was to either rent a boat or a balsa after the wakeboarding session. The girls decided not to go wakeboarding muna, so it was the SOs' bonding time :P

Listen intently
The instructor ahm instructing them on their skillz

For turning corners
Demo on how to turn the corners

Dar is game
D gets suited up

The boys line up
The boys line up

And now the fun part! The "reason" why I wanted D to wakeboard!

Yep that was me laughing maniacally at the end hahahahahah :))

In fairness to D, he was able to go further than that naman on his third try. But but but I have no videographic proof! :( I thought kasi there was no more chance that he'll be able to reach the first corner, so lumipat ako ng puwesto to use the SLR na lang to take photos. Sows, eh biglang dun siya nakalayo. Hehehe.


So after all the wakeboarding, we proceeded to rent a balsa for our afternoon drinking and photo shoot session.

Our balsa
Our balsa where we stashed our food and drinks and smokes.

Starfishies on Aya
Starfishies on MeStarfish on Naomi
Playing with the starfishies.

The requisite jump picture
Of course the requisite jumping picture

Against the lightChrissie against the light
Against the sunset

The boys drinking it up with Manong
So while we were having our photoshoot, the boys were drinking it up with Manong. Hehe.


The next day some of girls went wakeboarding with some of the boys. Yes, it is best to assume that D didn't go wakeboarding again that morning. Hahaha. He went with us to go to a small remote island near the resort.

White sand, clear waters, sunny sky, FTW! :D

Our own desterted island, with our very own chair!
Bakit kasi magsasama pa ng SOs? Para merong kumuha ng picture namin syempre! :P

Aya and her book
Aya couldn't swim that day! :(

Our very own "white" sand island
It was our very own island that morning :)

How dark am I diba?!? The trip was just two weeks after our Baler trip!

It was definitely QT with my high school besties, as I usually blow them off. They're the only group of friends who are still unaware of D's and my current situation, so I was comfortable bringing D. Well, it is only with them that I can bring D, because my other friends already have an innate negative reaction to D. Hehehe. Not that the HS besties are completely unaware of who things are between D and I, they know some things, so they were laughing with me during D's turn at wakeboarding hehe -- makaganti man lang daw ako sana. Ha!

Me and DarAs for D and I, well, it was alone time for the both of us. Good thing we didn't rip each other's head off during that weekend. Well, there was no need naman, thank god. We were behaved and sociable and considerate to each other that weekend, if you can believe that can happen between us :P

And that's it pansit! Toodles!

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