Jeans + Sew-No-More + Scissors = FTW Skirt!

Okay, I've been doing this since my college days.

I wasn't really satisfied with the first one, so from a skirt, I made into a bag. [I just sewed the bottom hem together, then used an old belt as the strap. Tada, instant bag!] The second one was better, as I used it for the last three years of college. The third one was another experiment, wherein I combined my crocheting skills with my sewing skills. I have no idea though where it is now.

So, how do I do it?

First, I get an old pair of jeans. A pair good enough to look at when it becomes a skirt, but I won't mind tossing out if you made the skirt too short.

Then I cut off the bottom part.

Jeans --> Shorts

By this time I fairly have an idea on how short I want the skirt to be so the length above should be really longer than the length you have in mind.

Okay, next, I separate the (inner) seams.

Separate the seamsCut cut cut

Until I get something like this:

Seams ripped out already

And then I lay out the seams so that it will resemble and function as a skirt:

Ready to become a skirt

Now the next part is the hard part: sewing everything up. But then I found a better and faster way for this project: SEW NO MORE!

Sew No More!!!

All you got to do is lay out a thin layer of the glue on the parts of the cloth you want to come together.

Sew-no-more working!

Tada! Actually, I just wanted to use it to hold everything together muna before I sew. But then when I saw that it held nicely naman and won't rip out (in fairness di naman kasi ganon ka-fitted yung skirt sakin so really no worries there haha).

And so, the finished product, after sewing-no-more, and a few more adjustments to the length:

The finished product

Yeah, I know, it's wide. Eh sa malaki balakang ko talaga eh! Tsaka butt ko! Kebs, at least may "reason" kunyari -- nanganak nako :P

And of course to see if it works on my body:

Is it too short?

Too short ba?

Oh well, I'll be taking it out for a test run this Saturday night ;) I'll bring an extra pair of jeans just in case the glued-on seams pop out hahaha.


  1. Anonymous8:40 AM

    nicely done!

  2. Anonymous8:44 AM

    ay lavhet! diba sulit ang sew no more? eheheheh..

  3. @ana, thank you! :D less than 1 hour yan!

    @abi, super sulit! kakainis lang yung amoy. hehehe.

  4. Anonymous9:06 AM

    Naks! Ganda naman ng legs! Bagay ang skirt sistah!

  5. Anonymous9:09 AM

    Aw! Ang galing naman. Padalhan mo ako ng sew-no-more dito at tinatamad ako most of the time nyehehehe.

  6. @toni ahahha, buti na lang madilim yung shot :P di kita mga peklats :P

    @meemax, sige sige next time na may bumisita from the land of the rising sun (tama ba?!?)

  7. @meldita salamat! :D

  8. i want!! hehe ok na idea yan ah!! hehe baka eto na ang moment ko para mag skirt. haha!

  9. @haze tipid pa!!! :D walang kelangang moment para magskirt! puede dapat lagi! ehehehe.