Extra Challenge goes to Potipot Island!

Or, the LS-IS project goes to Potipot Island for their team building!

Last month, the project where I'm currenlty assigned headed to Zambales for a day of team challenges in Potipot Island.

On our way to Zambales

On our way to Zambales

The challenges were to take place at the island itself. So after we settled-in a bit at the resort (after almost 6 hours of travel? or maybe 5 lang), we headed out to the island.

Potipot White Sand
Potipot Island

Our "camp" site
Our makeshift campsite

There were two team challenges: the cooking challenge and the bisyo karera challenge. For the cooking challenge, the project was grouped by the four personality types - Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholic and Phlegmatic. We all took a personality test (if you want a copy, just email me at missyosigirl at gmail dot com) to determine our personality type (I'm a Melancholic, btw, if you care :P). Of course, answering the personality test was done before the weekend so the groups can prepare :P

Anyways, we grouped the Cholerics and Phlegmatics together, and the Sanguines and Melancholics together. The cooking challenge was to prepare a lunch meal to be eaten at the island. The prize was that you get to eat something :P Wehehehehe. MVP and I didn't take part in this challenge so that the assigned leaders can take charge.

The cooking part wasn't really the challenge in this case... it was starting a fire, and keep the uling burning, hehehehe.

Team Choleric attempts to start a fireTeam Choleric starts a fire

Team Melancholic tries to start a fireTeam Melancholic attempts to start a fire

Haha, oh well, the other team finally had their uling burning after 48 years. Team Choleric/Phlegmatic prepared liempo, while Team Melancholic/Sanguine had grilled fish, salted egg and tomatoes and grilled eggplants. Diba, kung sino pa yung hirap na hirap na masindihan yung uling, sila pa yung maraming kelangang i-prepare? :P

One other challenge the teams had to face was that it started raining on and off then. While they were cooking, they had to put garbage bags over the grills so that their hard-earned fire wouldn't go out. Tsk sayang, I wasn't able to take pictures then. But I was able to take a picture of our makeshift tent for the cooked food:

Our makeshift tent for the food
First "building" designed and made by Civil Engr. Jap, LOL

And then it was time to reward themselves of their hard work and labor: it was time to eat!

Yey eating time!

After some rest, MVP and I prepared the bisyo karera challenge.

Bisyo Karera at Potipot

Sweets StationWholesome Drinks Station
Sweets station and the Wholesome Drinks station

Pulutan StationHard Drinks Station
Chips station and Alcolic Drinks station

MMS questions
Work Questions station -- para sa mga tao na bisyo ang work :P

For this challenge, the project was grouped by teams, that is, the Cataloging team and the Purchasing team (don't ask). The Cataloging team has 5 members, while the Purchasing team has only 4 members. So to make things even, I participated in this challenge as part of the Purchasing team. Good thing Cataloging team's TL wasn't able to join us for the trip, or else, MVP had to join the Purchasing team, and then there'd be no one to take pictures during the challenge. Ha!

Team Marjay
Team Marjay, without Marjay :P

Team Shelley
Team Shelley FTW baby!!!

And let the games begin!!!

Team Shelley starts eating!
My team starts gorging on the sweets

Team Marjay starts eating!
Cataloging team catches up

Hala sige tawa!
Cataloging team laughs off the challenge

Di nako uli iinom ng chocolate milk!
I swear, I will never drink chocolate milk ever again

Matatalo ba naman kami?
My competitive team -- who can beat us with this kind of ahm enthusiasm?

Mga gameface!

Kain pa ng clover!
Tito "munching" on some clover chips

Give up na si Jap!
Jap gives up on the wasabi flavored chips

Jen and "water" wehehehe
Jen and her water -- after the chips station, she went straight for the gin in the alcoholic drinks station thinking it was water hahahaha.

Ilang segundo bago tunggain ni Jap ang rhum
Jap a few seconds before he drank the whole cup of rhum!!!

Team Marjay answers the questions
And now time to answer the work questions

Team Shelley finishing the questions
Serious na ito, kelangan masagutan ng tama ang mga tanong kahit mejo senglot na.

Team Shelley FTW!!!!
Yeah, yeah, we won, syempre.

After the games, we immediately packed up because of the dark clouds, high winds and rough waters (The next day would be the day typhoon Frank pwned Luzon). We headed back to the resort, tired, but I hope, tired with all the fun we had at the island :)

After dressing up, we headed back to the shore to take some sunset pics (I have team mates who are seriously into either taking pictures, or having their pictures taken hahaha). And so, I leave you now with sunset pictures.

Setting Sun

Sun setting


P.S. We left for Manila by 10am as everybody's loved ones were already concerned for our safety as Frank was already wreaking havoc in Manila (my parents for instance was worried because we used our Dad's van and driver, and D even texted that we should go home agad). Less bonding time, and we weren't able to go to the PX shops in either Subic or Clark. Pero we were all able to come home safely, and that's more important :)

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