I Has a Life

... I just don't have the time and energy to write everything down.


Movies I was able to watch the past couple of months: Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr. FTW!!!!), Sex and the City (fashion overload, yey!), Hulk (Edward Norton <3 <3 <3), The Happening (meh), Kung Fu Panda (Po is Jack Black panda-fied), Wanted (best unbelievable action sequences evah!), Hancock (meh), Journey to the Center of the Earth (more on that laterz), Mamma Mia (Abba overload, w00t!) and of course The Dark Knight (I don't think words are enough).

Speed Racer and Indiana Jones: movies I wasn't able to watch because the hubby, who has known me for the past 10 years, watched the said movies with his officemates and didn't even think that 1) I wanted to watch said movies, 2) that I rarely watch movies with other people because 3) I want to watch movies with him. Yun na nga lang ang ginagawa namin together (aside from sexy time of course), ibibigay pa sa ibang tao! Dyusme, naiyak talaga ako sa sobrang frustration that time!!!

Fine, that happened, it's over, we've moved on and we were able to watch other movies pa. I did tell him that it was okay if he's going to watch a movie with other people, but come on, at least tell your movie-buff wife who is most probably expecting to watch every big movie that opens each week WITH YOU that you went ahead and watched it already. Eh I had to ask pa kaya. Yes, I know you might be thinking that he can watch the movie again, with me, but guess who HATES watching a movie more than once? Yeah, him, so yeah, fat chance diba?


Okay moving on to better topics.

Guess who has a newly approved credit card? :D

Ang guess where I'll be maxing out the credit limit this Friday? :P

Topshop - Topman - Dorothy Perkins Private Sale!!!

Okay, no, I will not max out my 1 million pesoses credit limit. Hahahaha. Seriously, I'm going to set a budget for myself on Friday. Sale starts at 12nn, so sakto, I can already buy some stuff during lunch at Galleria. Then after work, I'll head on to the Podium naman.

I love buying from Topshop and Dorothy Perkins, especially on sale, because 1) they have my size, and 2) they have my size, and 3) THEY HAVE MY FREAKING SIZE!!! Ahahahahhahah :))


Okay, so I did say something about giving the itty-bitty no-sew jeans a test drive right?

Gawd, ahlavet!!! We danced, danced and danced some more. My shoes killed me that night -- I was wearing 4-inch wedges wehehehehe. I really had to sit down most of the time because I was having the insane urge to just take off my shoes and dance barefoot :P

After exhausting ourselves on the dance floor, we decided to eat an early early early meal of breakfast at Something Fishy in Eastwood. Sowz. Cradle of the beast, in my short skirt, high wedges, and weak knees. Good thing I didn't see D (or D with some girl :P) that early morning. Ha.

And then the next morning, I had the most serious hangover ever since that night last year I had those 3-for-the-road shots. Dehydration to the highest level itu! Siguro nga kasi nakainom na, napagod pa sa kakasayaw. Ayan, sakit tuloy ng ulo ko buong araw. I literally slept the whole day. Saya! Haha.

[Two-page "scrapbook" slideshow is brought to you by Scrapblog. I loves it!!! It's for the tamad digiscrapper in me, because the elements and backgrounds are organized. And I don't have to make karir unlike in Photoshop kasi kung anu-anong effect pa gusto kong gawin sa Photoshop. With the Scrapblog, I know they're kinda low-tech lang, so low-tech lang talaga expectations ko. Hahahaha.]

Close na kami ni Anton!!!!

Rache, Anton and me at the Awesome Movie premiere


So, I dragged Dar to The Block to watch Journey to the Center of the Earth, with tickets c/o Anton. You'd think kid's stuff, but well, the effects were just well, awesome! And of course, better because it was a 3D movie showing.

Funny thing was, at the office, I was seriously getting nervous because 1) I'm really a shy person and 2) I don't know how to talk. Yes, I don't know how to talk at all. Pramis! I stutter, with words tumbling out of my mouth. I get too excited. Or I will just be plain aloof. I'm only friendly with friends, not with people na I have just met (sakit ko to. D hates it when I get like that).

So pinoproblema ko na ang aking anti-social issues, and also my nosebleed issues. Shet, anong gagawin ko pag iningles ako ni Anton?!? Waaah.

And then when I met Anton and Rache and they were making kuwento, I was like, why did I just spend my afternoon worrying about how to talk to these two?!? They were so down-to-earth, no airs at all (I wasn't thinking naman na they'd be ahm airy :P), and they can speak Tagalog! Ahahahahahahah! I was still kinda shy (I can't let go of my shyness talaga agad, pramis) so I hardly made a peep and just smiled and laughed and made konting hirit lang.

Of course I also met Mich of Pinoy Lakwatsa, who was also one of the winners of Anton's Awesome Contest, with her husband. Also, down-to-earth and makulit, just like Rache! :D Mich, can I have a copy of our picture together? :)

Anton, thanks again for the tickets! It was nice meeting you and Rache! :D [Feeling close ahahahahaha!]


That's it pancit. I'll reserve some more kuwento (my Makati adventures during my Spring and Hibernate training, lessons learned during my Leading Teams training, and some Darice kuwento too, and my LoVe addiction) for future posts.



  1. Yes sis!!! Makikiyosi ako,, haha! Goodness tinago ko na nga yung pic natin eh,, nagmuka tayong anino ni rache :) di bale,, sobrang saya ko din nun kse nameet ko kayo. Saya! Sana magkita pa tayo uli. Ako rin natakot baka ma-nosebleed kay Anton. Buti na lang baet sya haha! Sige na nga send ko sayo yung pic pero tomorrow na... antok na din me eh.. bash!

  2. hello mich :)

    okay lang yon, i-photoshop na lang natin na pumuti tayo ng onti hahahaha :D

  3. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Ay dammit I love your scrapblog. Ang ganda nung poses mo with the matching ssseexxxyy nguso pa. Hahaha! The best ka talaga bru!

    (I know "bru" is so like 90's or something, pero kebs! hehehe!)

  4. ay bru kapanahunan naman natin eh so keri lang :)

    salamat!!! in fairness ang hirap magposing because of my 4-inch wedges ha. hahahah :))

  5. Anonymous4:09 PM

    Ganda ng hair!!!!!!!!

  6. toni, napansin mo, ang galing! ahahahah.

    yuh, i had my hair cut that short para matanggal na ang hair na nakarebond. sobrang confused na kasi ng hair ko, the top part was all wavy na, tapos the ends were straight pa rin, nakakairita. hehehehe.