"So what did you do in Boracay?"

Let's start with the athletic activities.

The girl from our resort (Royal Park Resort Hotel) asked us (well, them lang siguro :P) if we were athletes! As in! Eh tama naman, mga basketball, frisbee and badminton star players kasama ko eh!

We rented some bad-ass ATVs to go up Mt. Luho. Even though I wasn't feeling so bad-ass the first few minutes we were practicing :-/

Helmet headMy bike
VroomvroomLooking back...

Because being the non-bike-rider or non-car-driver that I am, I was scared shitless the first few minutes because I was SUUUUUUUUURE I will drive straight into a ditch or a bush or into a moving vehicle.

But I didn't, so yay for me!!!!

At the peak, you can see all over Boracay.

At the peak

And then we went reefwalking! Well, except for the MVP because she had a cold and she feared she might have a harder time breathing inside the sea helmet.

Abi goes down......with her helmet
MJ goes down next......with a bigger styrofoam attached to her helmet HAHAHAH
OMG it's my turnI. Can't. Breathe. Halp. LOLZ.
And then it's Aiv's turn!Naka-smile pa rin!!!

The sea helmet gave me a weird claustrophobic feeling. I almost forgot I could breathe inside the helmet because I was holding my breath hehehehe. And the pressure down below was making my smoked-out lungs such a workout =| After feeding the fishies, I wanted to go back up already. Also, I had this fear that I would tilt the helmet, let water inside it, and drown because I panicked. [I have a really active imagination]

I didn't use the Olympus camera during our reefwalking because the water was too deep. The camera can only be used underwater up to 3m deep, or else it will be brokinated. Which it also did but I'll tell you more later on in this post.

However, the reefwalking guides were renting out their underwater camera (which used film) for 600 pesoses. Well, we thought it wasn't worth 600 pesoses, so we only have this picture of us underwater:


Heh. That's Aivee and Abi (with the white helmet) BTW.


And so with these very athletic activities, we'd need lots of food, and yes we did a lot of eating while we were in Boracay, too. [I was able to eat rice FTW!]

Which I will make kuwento sa next post na. Hehehehe. Toodles!

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  1. I like scuba diving and going on a parasailing on the beaches of Boracay. You can also try riding a speedboat.