Who Wrote This?

If ever I'd fall
I'd fall for you
If I could waste myself and drink gallon after gallon after gallon of this spirit with you
To mitigate your pain and to kill the time you never had
I would
For you
With you
If I could write the happiest lines it would be about you --
The way you would most likely read your favorite bedtime story to me to transport me to my
If I could suffer and sacrifice it would be for you
Because I care for you
Enough to
Give me the courage to challenge
If I could listen to music with you
I would choose to listen to the beating of our hearts
On a starry, moony night
If I could hold your hand tonight
I would never let go
And demand more:
An embrace
A kiss
A caress
A gentleness
That could only come from you.
If adoration comes close to obsession
Then believe when I say that I adore you;
You're my latest and last obsession...

Best part IMHO in bold.

Was rummaging thru stuff and discovered a printout of the poem above. I can't for the life of me remember where I got it or who wrote it.



ETA: Tama si sisterette Janine, now I remember... I did get it from her, and she got it from our high school newspaper, the Magnificat (of course I remember, hello, I was part of it for 2 years!). So I guess that is why best friend Google couldn't find it -- it was still in it's pure typewritten form. Heh.


  1. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Mukhang personal poem sya. Siguro from a friend mo. Wala eh. Sumuko si Manong Google.

  2. first time akong nabigo ni best friend google!!! :(