Oktoberfest 120

The first and only time I've been to Oktoberfest was four years ago. It was opening night, and was held in Metrowalk, which was walking distance from where I worked. We didn't need to look for parking, because my officemates can just leave their cars wherever they parked that morning, and then walk to Metrowalk for free beers and music.

Oh boy, if only we knew that free beers and music also included having to rub elbows with *undesirable* people. And that the free beer meant stale draft beer in plastic cups. And that it would be a bitch looking for a place to make tambay as we watch the performers.

Oh, and that we'd have beer thrown haphazardly at us by over-eager Oktoberfest goers [read: drunk men who were getting excited over True Faith's performance].

I swore to everybody I was with that day that I will never ever go to an Oktoberfest opening ever again.

Never ever again.

But hey, guess who was at San Miguel Avenue last September 5, trying to elbow her way in through the crowd, as *undesirable* people were rubbing themselves all over her body [I hope, unintentionally, of course]?

Yes, I've eaten my words, and *nom nom* hmm tastes good, if slightly bitter. Heh.

It was a gold ticket after all. 3eb + 5 beers + food + airconditioned tent = SULIT NA NOH. Kahit na sabihin na natin na we still had to go through hell to enter the venue and the VIP section, and that paubos na yung food when we got to the tent, and we only got 3 out of our 5 beers. Hehehe.

Okay feetur-teking time!

More Fireworks
Fireworks after Rivermaya

The Crowd
The Crowd


Bloomfields - Jump!

Bloomfields and the crowd
Bloomfields and the crowd

Out of Body Special
Out of Body Special - The Vox, Two Guitarists and the Saxophonist

Out of Body Special
Out of Body Special - The Percussionist, Bassist (?) and the Pianist

Third Eye Blind
Finally, it's Third Eye Blind

Third Eye Blind
Signature Stephan Jenkins

Yeah, you rock!
You rock!

Third Eye Blind
Pretty purple haze

Somebody's Mug
She wanted her mug signed by the band? Dunno. Heh.

Oktoberfest Brew
The Oktoberfest Brew - San Miguel Pale Pilsen Limited Edition

I wanted to take more pictures of 3EB, that is, to experiment on how to get their photos without any heads or hands blocking my view, however a burly bouncer started demanding we stop taking photos with our SLRs. Shet. Pero scary siya so I didn't dare na lang uli. Hehe.

And that's it. I'll be avoiding any venue this Friday (or for the next 24 Fridays) that will host Oktoberfest, as I need to recover from the heat, sweat, and inappropriate physical contact that I experienced during the kickoff party.

I need some space, man.


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