10 Years Ago: Can't Hardly Date

But let's backtrack a day first.

So, its the day after the phone call

[You'd think with a guy, who I was into, professing his like for me will be enough for me. But no. This other guy (codenamed Simon) I was into was also all over the place! I mean, I would see Simon only about twice a week, but that day after the phone call I saw him twice! Oh well, when it rains, it's four. Heh.]

He drove me to three of my classes -- one at Eng'g, then at Math, then back to Eng'g. My blockmate and I sat-in in his Kom II class, with our press release being that we were there because of my blockmate's BFF (the BFF was really in his class). But obviously we were there because of him. And meron pang pa-akbay-akbay na ginawa sakin after their class! Okay lang naman sakin, wala akong reklamo, hahaha!

And oh my, the tuksuhan sa tambayan.

So sue me if my heart couldn't contain the kilig that day.

And that's why, with our almost-requisite-already phone call that night, I asked him out.

Okay, so you're back in your seats? [I'm thinking either you fell, or you barfed]

Eh naman kasi, ang pakipot! Parang paikot-ikot yung pinaguusapan ata namin nung gabing yon, alam ko naman na dun rin hahantong!

And with the title of this blog post, I guess you know what movie we watched, eh?

10 Years Ago: Can't Hardly Wait

So how did it go?

If you're after the movie review, click here.

Let me and him and our friends tell you about it :)

A part of our AVP for our wedding reception, produced by Buddy Gancenia
[Ang payat ko!!! Ang payat naming lahat non!!!
Hindi ako telegenic... or maybe wala kasi akong ka-make-up-make-up diyan. Parang ang dugyot ko tignan! Hehehe]

Would you believe I still have something from that day, as some sort of a souvenir, that has stood the test of time?

No, it's not the tickets or tissue from where we ate (KFC)!

10 Years Ago: Can't Hardly Date

Heh, yep, a cassette tape copy of MTV Soul'd Out -- the first of the thousands of times he will buy something for me :)


So I guess that was September 4, 1998, exactly 10 years ago.

You might be thinking what was so special about it, aside from being the day of our first date? Well, I made an enlightening discovery that day: that I kiss on the first date pala! Hehehehehehe!


  1. Anonymous5:53 AM

    awww so sweet i guess hapi anniv are in order hahaha and opkors maligayang pagtuklas that you kissed on the first date hehehe

    msta ka? halika yosi tayo hehehe

  2. ang kyut ni darice!!!!!!

  3. @ayeza hehehe, can't hardly wait siguro kami magkiss non wehehehhe.

    kakayosi ko lang... in an hour okay lang? :P heheheh

    @abi ang taba pa niya noh? pinanood namin kagabi, tawang tawa siya sa sarili niya!!! hahahah :D

  4. Anonymous2:53 PM

    aww, sweet. naalala ko yang movie na yan, natuwa din ako diyan noon.

  5. hehehe, more of bittersweet if you take it into context now :P

    pero yep, on its own, it was sweet :)

  6. i have that cassette too!! hahaha :) bigay din sakin ng isang guy. pero di naging kami.