"So what did you see in Boracay?"

On our first morning, we saw clouds.

Dreary morning

Lots of them.

Big waves


Dark Boracay morning

The clouds never let up, even in the afternoon.

Dark clouds again

And there were "wind breakers/catchers/whathaveyous" along the shore.

"Boarded" up

Di ko type ang itsura ng Bora pag August, that's fosho.

Oh well, at least we got to see a fire dancer the night before. [Okay ba sa segway? Wehehehe.]


Oooh, and there were sand castles only at night... I think we didn't see any sand castle when the sun was up because it was high tide.

Sandcastle in the Sand

Okay, high tide + clouds = Boracay fail. Pfft.

But then the sun and the skies made it up to us on our last afternoon.

Cloudy sunset

Sige na nga, winner na rin ;)

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