Scanner Happy

My dad, who is a SAHD (stay-at-home dude :P), has been scanning old pictures this week (bago kaya scanner nila?) and has been sending some of the scanned images to me the past few days.

First email, with subject: Our First Baby and Car

The First Baby and Car

Yes, I look like a troll. And I already have a protruding tummy 28 years ago.

Another email he sent was with subject 3 Marias. Body of the email read "wala pa ang dalawang asungot" referring to my younger brothers. Heh.

[oh hey my sisters will kill me for this hahahahha but beware of 80s hair and fasyon!]


And then he sent a bunch of baby pictures:

Fwd: Baby Pics IFwd: Baby Pics I
Fwd: Baby Pics 2

And written in one of his emails:

In as much as the negatives for these pics are either gone or have deteriorated, I am beginning to scan my collection of pics. At the same time I am furnishing the persons who might be interested in the pics.

Hanube. So serious ha, Dadox. Deadpan kung deadpan talaga ha.

Yes, I got my sense of humor from him.

Yes, I got my love for movies, music, books and photography from him.

Haaay. I miss Dadox.


  1. hi missyosigirl, subscribe ako sa site mo hehehe.. cool ang mga post! kumpleto-rekados whii suki na ako ng blog mo hihihih.. i can say na isa ka sa nginspire sken to create a blog :P thank so much! hehehe drama ko!

  2. hey strawberryanne, wow, tama na sa papuri, baka lumaki ulo ko nyan :P

    pero thank you and lagi ka lang bumisita. and blog lang ng blog! :)

  3. Anonymous5:29 PM

    kaw ba yung baby sa last pic? sweet naman ni daddy mo... musta shelly?

  4. yep yep, that's me! ang cute ko noh? hehehehe. nagiging senti ata si daddy kasi tumatanda na hehehe.

    kamusta nako? eto, ngarag sa sobrang work!!! haaay.

  5. hehe.. i think parents would always want to remember us as their little bundle of joy. feeling ko nostalgic sila to see things that reminds them of our childhood, of how we were so vulnerable and needy of them. when kids start to become independent somehow they loose the "being-a-parent" thing..

    hehe yung message tone ng dad ko is a clip from the voicetape we had for him like 20 years ago, when my sister was saying, "tatay, padala po kayo ng reno, palaman sa tinapay." - she loves Reno liverspread :) and yeah, my dad converted those voicetapes from cassettes to mp3 format.

  6. i know right? and i'm turning out like my dad, because i have tons of stuff from when darice was just a baby. pano pa kaya when darice's my age na, ilang kahong sentimental stuff na kaya ang naipon ko non? :)